Lieutenant JG Suvak Duval

Name Suvak Duval

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Suvak Duval is the most unique of his siblings in that he has something of an Asian look. It comes from his mothers grandmother and recessive genes. Other then that, he does not stand out in any special way.

Suvek spends a lot of his free time working out in the gym or running, he believes that a healthy body and a healthy mind are the core tenets of living well.

Body Art: he has maori tribal pattern covering most of his body, from his feet to the bottom of his neck and everything in between.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Company Sergeant Major Jeffery "The Mountain" Duval - Sergeant Major for the 19th Division
Mother Captain T'Nae Duval - Commanding Officer, USS Coral Sea
Brother(s) Commander Logan Duval - Unassigned
Lt Commander Anthony Duval - Chief Engineer, USS Heart of the Tiger (Twins., first set)
Captain Marcus Duval - Commanding Officer, USS Oathsworn (Twins, first set)
Balin Duval - Infant (Twins, third set)
Sister(s) Lieutenant T'Lee Duval - Chief Security Officer, USS Dreamcrusher (Twins, second set)
1st Lieutenant T'Kera "Demolitions" Duval - 1/37th Platoon Commander, 19th Marine Division (Twins, second set)
Alex Duval - Infant (Twins, third set)
Lt Commander Soleya Duval - Unassigned
Other Family Nephew: Ryujin Duval - Anthony's son.

Fleet Admiral Heather Duval - Commanding Officer, Starfleet Forces in the Taurus Reach - Aunt

Personality & Traits

General Overview Suvak Duval is somewhat standoffish from others. She sometimes has issues with socialization and he does not respect his fathers career choices, believing him to be wasted in the marines. Jeff however does not agree with his son but the two have agreed to let it be.

Suvek is a highly practiced martial arts master. He is a Master level combat expert in over a dozen martial arts. He uses it as an outlet for stress. However, he has issues with his father and he is not sure of how to address them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He is pragmatic and confident. Duval carries his tools with him on duty, he has a massive pack and a second medkit, sometimes he's nicknamed the North American Boyscout, or sometimes just 'the boy scout.'

Weaknesses: Duval has an anger management problem that he's struggling to deal with. He also sometimes doesn't watch his strength as he tends to overdo it at times with moving equipment. Also he is prideful and stubborn
Ambitions To gain his own command someday, also to find a mate and start a family of his own.

At present, he wants to resolve his problems with his father before they get worse. His mother and sisters have left him alone on the subject however he expects them to get involved once things get interesting.
Hobbies & Interests Suvek is the kind who will try anything once, from orbital skydiving to windsurfing. Also he has a major interest in Earth's Third World War as well as Vulcan's history

Vernacular: Suvek is an Tactical and weapons man at heart, he has also assisted in the Operations department, also he has his flight officers license so he can fly shuttles and small starships should it be needed.

He doesn't waste of lot of words, he also doesn't use acronyms, he feels they are wasteful and rather imprecise. He is not subtle as he tends to speak his mind regardless of who's talking to him

Orientation: Heterosexual

Language(s) Spoken: English with a smattering of words from various other languages.

Personal History Suvek has an issue with his father based upon a misunderstanding, as Suvek thought his father was treating his older sibling Anthony like crap as T'Nae was not his mother, it was not the case as father and son had a falling out over the matter.

Jeff accused his son of being unreasonable and Suvek responded with the accusation that his father was just heartless. Since then father and son have not spoken.

Anthony Duval was mystified by the issue but he was touched by his younger brothers concern for him but it didn't resolve the issue, he has tried not once but several times and it has not helped.

Suvek is a therapist and a Counselor, this is his second assignment.