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Ensign Paul Harrison

Name Paul Harrison

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 148lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Paul Harrison is your average human, he doesn't stand out in any real way physically.


Spouse None
Children Saki Yamaguchi - Unacknowledged
Father Ruben Harrison - Deceased
Mother Captain Alexandra Harrison - Chief Tactical Officer, Starbase 400
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Captain Leon Pike - Adopted Father
Grandparents on both sides

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paul is generally laid back, he can get flustered quite easily especially when he feels victimized or that he has too much to handle at once. He has issues socializing with others because his father separated him from his mother and he neglected Paul.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Paul is very skilled with computers, he's also very sure of himself, he gets on better with things and animals then he does with people but he tries and tries and tries.

Weaknesses: He can become flustered when processing too much.
He also has after issues with what he did to him or rather. what he did not do. He has issues with women and issues with socialization thanks to what he endured from his father's neglect.
Ambitions To gain a commission.
Hobbies & Interests Paul has few interests because he's never been able to stick with anything really interesting.

Personal History Paul Harrison was born to Ensign Alexandra Harrison in early 2373 while she was on her first assignment to the USS Harrisburg, an older Excelsior class ship, her husband at the time, a man named Reuben Harrison was less than kind about Starfleet and he felt that Alex should become a stay at home mom. He refused to consider listening to her on the matter and insisted on it.

Alex naturally refused and so Reuban filed for divorce, citing that Starfleet was a very dangerous place to raise a child and since the USS Harrisburg was dealing with issues along the Cardassian border. Alas with the assistance of some well-placed bribes and friends, Reuben got what he wanted and carted Paul off away from his mother.

Paul Harrison spent the next twelve years on Earth, is used when needed and ignored when he wasn't needed. Reuban was generally a coward and could not handle much in life but he finally did the world a favor and died in a shuttle crash when returning from a friends house party, the crash also killed his step-mother.

When the authorities found out what was going on. Paul was sent back to his mother and he spent the next two years getting things sorted out with her before a young woman named Rachael Yamaguchi crashed into his life. The two became friends and their friendship quickly bloomed into something else but what he didn't know was that he had gotten her pregnant.

Rachael departed the Starbase with her mother when Torilla was reassigned and the two lost touch quickly as a result. Because of this Paul turned his attention to the academy and applied, he was successful and joined.

Now in his second year, he is about to be reunited with old friend and new enemies. Paul found out that he was the father of a ten-year-old child named Saki who decided that she wanted to get to know him, he cruelly shut her down. He was still dealing with missing Rachael and he was not interested in dealing with a ten-year-old who he didn't know.

Paul had no idea what that decision would cost him later. Especially after the DNA evidence from this Saki person turned out to match him and Rachael, she was his biological daughter but after what had happened, he had made many enemies as a result.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2390 to 2393 - Sciences Cadet
Cadet One / Four

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Science Officer