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Commander Warrick Brown

Name Warrick Brown

Position Security Investigations Officer / SCIS

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Colonist
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and thin, Warrick isn't large or powerful. His real power is in his mind.


Spouse Lt Commander Courtney Hammond-Brown - Medical Officer, Starbase Vanguard
Children John Hammond-Brown - Starbase Vanguard
Karl Hammond-Brown - Starbase Vanguard
Heather Hammond-Brown - Starbase Vanguard
Father Karl Reyes - Semi Adopted.
Mother Helen Brown - Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Bertha Brown - Aunt

Personality & Traits

General Overview Warrick is generally the quiet type with his nose in a book. He sometimes likes to go to the gym to crank some iron but its not his main stress relief.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He has an outstanding work ethic. Plus he gets along with many quite well. He has a relaxed attitude towards life in general and work in particular.

Weaknesses: He has issues socializing and often he doesn't get along with those that he doesn't know. Losing his family broke something inside his head.
Ambitions He had a mate and he had a family of his own, now that they are dead. He's lost. All he has left is his career.
Hobbies & Interests This is a guy who likes to gamble. failing that, anything with adrenaline.

Personal History Warrick Brown was born in 2360 on the colony world of Bounty. His father abandoned him soon after his birth, and whose mother died when he was seven years old. Raised by his grandmother and Aunt Bertha, Warrick found it very difficult to socialize, and could often be found with his head in a book. His love of mathematics and science took him to starfleet who gave him a true purpose in life, he became a CSI working with Starfleet and this gave him the right to wear the medical uniform in security or the other option which was the security uniform in medical if he so desired.

Warrick grew up in a strict household, and kept his position as a casino runner a secret from his grandmother. He once told John Sheridan that while he was unpopular in high school and still had dimples, he "got a little action". He was strongly influenced by a community organizer who ran a center that he spent time at after school.

After graduating from high school. Warrick found himself bored without a serious prospect so he decided to consider Starfleet so he applied to the academy in 2379 about the time of the Shinzon incident and he graduated in 2383 with honors in the medical sciences except he also majored in security procedures.

His first assignment was the USS Silent Song, an Akira class ship was full of corruption and vice which was a major shock for Warrick as he was sent here quietly to help clean the ship out of its issues. He found himself working very closely with a man who would become on of his best friends and the man who Warrick would call his 'brother from another mother'. It was here he met a young woman named Courtney Hammond and the tow began dating. Within a year their first child was born and Warrick proposed to her, she accepted.

The two men were able to clean the den out after dealing with the security officer first and removing the Exec, they were able to isolate the Captain and effect his removal, then they had the ship brought in and cleaned out from stem to stern with much of the crew being reassigned.
Courtney assisted with this effort.

Browns next assignment was to follow Sheridan over to the USS Trafalgar where he learned the skills and the arts that would make him into a powerhouse to be reckoned with at the hands of Captain Karl Reyes. Courtney followed her husband to this assignment as well. This guy was someone who took great care to look after his people but he also trained them hard but while he was hard, he was also very fair and he never asked anyone to do anything he was not prepared to do himself.

Reyes was a man who leads from the front because he knew no other way to lead, he inspired his guys to do better then they were at present and his people loved him for it. He helped bring Warrick out of his shell and he helped Brown sort things out for himself with his gentle guidance.

Brown assisted with the hunt for a serial killer named Al Bester who was a deranged nutcase after ten people died at the hands of this depraved manic, the team was able to catch him and send him to jail for the rest of his life.

He did some soul searching and after becoming a CSI level Three, he decided to stick in the paperwork with Captain Reyes for a warrant rather than a commission. Reyes realized that this man was happy with what he had so rather than fight with Brown on the matter, he simply approved it. happy that Brown was able to make the choice for himself.

However due to assignments, Courtney was split off from her husband and she was sent to the USS Pegasus which was lost on her two-week shakedown cruise because she had gotten into a fight with the Venturi Pirates, the entire pirate group was slaughtered to the last man, however.

Warrick was devastated at losing his entire family, all in one fell swoop, he also never gave up hope that something, anything might emerge that some of the crew of USS Pegasus had been taken as prisoners or slaves and so he held out that maybe someone had survived and could tell him of his family. However as time passed, Warrick began to lose any hope that his family was alive and so he turned his focus to his career as it was all he had left now.

A year later Sheridan contacted Reyes, he stuck in a request to have Brown transferred to the Roanoke because Sheridan needed assistance in cleaning this ship out, things were deteriorating and Reyes agreed. Brown went across to work with John Sheridan again.

Brown liked Sheridan immensely and both men regarded the other highly, both men also considered Reyes the father figure in their lives that neither really had. However, for now, Brown would content himself to serving on the Roanoke and helping Sheridan clean the ship out.

After the Destruction of the USS Roanoke. Brown was reassigned to the CSI unit on the Dreamcrusher, the assignment for him, was a quiet one but the new assignment to Starbase Vanguard (47) promises to be more exciting for him, what made it all the more interesting was that he was promoted to the rank of Commander rather than remain as a warrant officer. Brown did not fight this issue.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2379 to 2383 - Security / CSI
Cadet One - Four

USS Silent Song - Akira Class
2383 to 2386 - CSI Security Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Trafalgar - Nebula Class
2386 to 2391 - Chief Security Officer / Executive Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander / Chief Warrant Officer

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier
2391 to 2392 - Security Officer
Chief Warrant Officer

USS Dreamcrusher - Guardian Class
2392 to 2393 - Security Officer
Chief Warrant Officer / Senior Chief Warrant Officer

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Chief of CSI / Security Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2379 to 2383 - Cadet One - Four
2383 to 2384 - Ensign
2384 to 2386 - Lieutenant JG
2386 to 2388 - Lieutenant
2388 to 2389 - Lt Commander
2389 to 2391 - Chief Warrant Officer
2391 to 2393 - Senior Chief Warrant Officer
2393 to Present - Commander