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Commander Moni Nasao

Name Moni Nasao

Position Assistant Chief Tactical Actions Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Black - Caitian
Eye Color Blue Grey
Physical Description Tall, slender and willowy looking.
she is very female and very feline.


Spouse Lt Commander Kthaara 'Leadfoot' Taavoro - Operations Officer, Starbase Vanguard
Children Jalen - Female
Oneida - Female
Tadita - Male
Cheyenne - Female
Ki'Skye (adopted Ferasian Female).
Amira (adopted Ferasian Female).
Skrer (adopted Ferasian Male).
Oskoa (adopted Ferasian Male).
Vakeela (adopted Ferasian Female).
Father Kerris Nasao - Civilian Doctor
Mother T'Nomi Nasao - Civilian Doctor
Brother(s) Lt Commander Koi Nasao - Science Officer - USS Spirit of Fire
Sister(s) M'Tillie Nasao - Executive officer, USS Avalon
Mona Nasao - Civilian Doctor
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Moni is blatant about flirting with pretty much everything that moves, male, female, it doesn't matter. If she thinks you're cute, you're fair game, Moni thinks everyone is cute. She sees beauty in everyone - but on the flipside, she sees their faults too. That's how she's able to kick ass so well... or give someone a make over. Moni just wants to make things better for people.

She's also known to be quite the party animal (pun intended) while on shore leave. Her bold and impulsive personality can sometimes get her into trouble. But at the same time it's that attitude that made her so effective against her various opponents.
Strengths & Weaknesses Moni can be a trouble maker, she's easy to please, she likes getting out a lot with new and random people, she is a pansexual as she likes random sex with random people.

Her weaknesses can be best summed up as her endless lust for life.
She almost ignores her duty when she's off duty.
Ambitions To gain her own command. To find a mate and start a family has also become a major goal for her.
Hobbies & Interests reading, surfing, cooking, sex, all things historical, food and drink

Personal History Moni was the second Caitian born to Kerris and T'Nomi Nasao, as a child of Cait she was raised to respect the land and there people there, she grew up to respect law and order so it was natural that she would go into security after she joined starfleet

Moni joined starfleet and she would have been a somewhat above average student were it not for her cadet cruise here one fellow Caitian male who wanted to see how she could handle her booze.

Needless to say the night ended well for both of them but it was a one time fling and it woke something in her that she never imagined possible, having a good time without risk or consequence was something new to her.

Needless to say her Commanding Officer was not understanding and he wrote her up. The infraction was worthless and it happened when she was off duty, she protested but her request was refused, it would go on her record as a permanent black mark against her.

Moni growled as she went back to the academy, determined to finish her time there and then off she went to her first assignment, the USS Blackwell.

Here she served well and without reprimand as she was slowly able to overcome the stigma she had earned at the academy for being loose and free. Moni was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant junior grade and she served as deputy chief security officer and it here she thrived.

She detested having to prove herself to everyone, it offended her on a very personal level, when she went over to the USS Miocene.

She was assigned here for three years before being assigned to the USS F Scott Fitzgerald and it was here that she learned a great deal about what it meant to be an officer in starfleet and what it meant to be herself. She got much more then just a simple assignment being in security, she had command training here too. leading away teams, leading patrols and the like.

Like that old saying which says 'all good things must end' and so for Nasao, it ended and she went over to the USS Jupiter and things went wrong for her because the commanding officer didn't like the fact that she was a free spirit.

He was more of the controlling type and as a result, she clashed with him almost every single day as she showed signs of cracking under the stress of dealing with an all controlling officer.

Finally on an away mission, the two came to blows when she refused an illegal order to destroy a village because of the fact that the people were supporting an insurgency that the Jupiter was dealing with.

He tried to kill her and she was forced to kill him in self defense instead, she was demoted and sent to the USS Roanoke, the new skipper of the USS Jupiter decided that she would no longer serve on his ship since the dead officer was a personal friend of his.

Now she was demoted to Lieutenant junior grade and sent to the Roanoke.

After four months of serving on the USS Roanoke, when the Independent Fleet Operations changed hands from Rear Admiral Brooks to Rear Admiral Jake Yamaguchi, he began reviewing service records of personnel assigned, she was one of the fortunate few to have both black marks removed from her records, the one at the academy which should never have been added to her files.

Jake also spoke with Commander James Stillwell of the USS Jupiter and he said that if he stepped out of line like this ever again, Jake would have his commission for this. Yamaguchi then told the other man that he was removing the black mark on Nasao's record and that would be the end of it.

Moni Nasao got an apology letter pout of the blue which for her was a considerable shock as she had never expected James Stillwell to apologize for anything as the man was a sanctimonious asshole.

Moni Nasao quickly learned that this was a different ship then most she would ever serve on as she ended up spending time in the gym, she slowly leaned out and gained muscle mass.

She would be present for a wedding at the end of June of 2391, she was happy to see that Doctor Dvald to finally tie the knot with her longtime girlfriend, Phoenix Sullivan and now Siaxx tends to call herself Sullivan rather then Dvald.

Moni Nasao though this was highly romantic she was also present for the beating sustained by Elizabeth Yamaguchi at the hands of a fellow medic, Tienn Iteela and now she wants nothing more than to throw the rule book at the unruly Bajoran.

Since serving on the Roanoke, she has become known for her good conduct as she has relished this assignment, however, she has become embroiled in the drugs issues that the crew and their families are suffering from.

Moni Nasao was assigned to the bridge during the hanger deck fire. She assisted with firefighting efforts as well as assisting in saving the ship and her crew safe from destruction. Manning the bridge tactical station on the saucer where she remained throughout the crisis.

Nasao's remaining time on the USS Roanoke was far from uneventful as she ended up in a relationship with a pilot named Leadfoot but it did not last as she ended up becoming pregnant with four young children and she adopted four more. So Monai Nasao has more than the full house of her own and adopted children, this was unplanned but she would make do.

Nasao's time on the Roanoke would end with her destruction when she was reassigned to the USS Shield of Brazil while she underwent repairs which took the better part of a year before she was offered two Starbase postings, she selected the second and then off she went to Starbase Vanguard.

Within weeks of her arrival, she was informed that her demotion was illegal and thus, her service record had been expunged of the taint and she was free to continue her career without issues.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, Sol
2376 to 2380 - Security Student
Cadet Years One - Four

USS Blackwell - Excelsior Class
2380 to 2383 - Security Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant

USS Miocene - Stargazer Class
2383 - 2386 - Security Officer

USS F Scott Fitzgerald - Galaxy Dreadnought Class
2386 to 2389 - Security Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

USS Jupiter - Jovian Class
2389 to 2390 - Security Officer
Lt Commander

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier
2390 to 2392 - Security Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Shield of Brazil - Guardian Class
2392 to 2393 - Tactical Officer

Starbase Vanguard - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Deputy Chief Tactical Officer
Lieutenant / Commander

Time of Promotions and Demotions:
2376 to 2380 - Cadet Years One - Four
2380 to 2381 - Ensign
2381 to 2383 - Lieutenant JG
2383 to 2387 - Lieutenant
2387 to 2390 - Lt Commander
2390 to 2391 - Lieutenant JG
2391 to 2392 - Lieutenant
2392 to 2393 - Lt Commander
2393 to Present - Commander
2393 - Record was Expunged from Illegal demotion.

Corrected Service record:
2376 to 2380 - Cadet Years One - Four
2380 to 2381 - Ensign
2381 to 2383 - Lieutenant JG
2383 to 2387 - Lieutenant
2387 to 2390 - Lt Commander
2390 to Present - Commander