Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet Nick Castle

Name Nick Castle

Position Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Colonist
Age 66

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Brown with highlights of Silver
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Nick Castle is an older guy. He's tall and quite well muscled.


Spouse Vice Admiral Heather Marrelson - Commanding Officer, The Twentieth Fleet
Children John Castle
Michael Castle
Paul Castle
Father Marcus Castle - Civilian Police Officer
Mother Helen Castle - Civilian
Brother(s) William Castle
Edward Castle
Sister(s) Marie Castle
Other Family Several others around

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nick Castle is, at times a hard nosed professional in that he's seen a lot of action in his time in Starfleet security, he loves his time in the field and he won't trade it for anything.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He is a true professional. He always looks after the younger guys.

Weaknesses: He hates paperwork and desk work.
Ambitions To be the best he can be.
Hobbies & Interests His hobbies are many and varied.