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Division Admiral April Dragon

Name April Dragon

Position Chief Operations Officer for the Taurus Reach

Rank Division Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 105lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description April Dragon is still very physically attractive but she is a very small woman. Very small in size and stature. she has a willowy figure with a rather ample breast size, considering her five pregnancies.


Spouse Commander Jerrold Duran - Commanding Officer, USS Ayalam
Children Lieutenant Taselle Dragon - Chief Engineer, USS Warsong - Adopted
Lieutenant Paul Dragon - Chief Engineer, USS Rawalpindi
Lieutenant Selene Dragon - Chief Science Officer, USS Rawalpindi
Siranna Dragon - Girl, (Twins)
Elizabeth Duran - Girl, (Twins)
Edward Dragon - Boy
Emerald Dragon - Girl
Esther Dragon - Girl
Father Captain Edward Dragon - Commanding Officer, The Massachusetts Battlegroup
Mother Dr. Nicole Dragon, Starfleet Medical - Deceased - Starbase 1 in 2381
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sister - Angela Dragon, Deceased - Climbing Accident in 2368
Other Family First Husband - Yuri Soloviev, Deceased - Luna

Personality & Traits

General Overview Warfare does funny things to people and some people do funny things with warfare. April is generaly easy-going, regularly dropping a world-weary bon mot into the stew that makes up her daily routine. A competent Engineer, and an excellent explosives technician, April has an overdeveloped sense of irony that could be mistaken for fatalism.

'Hammer' earned her nickname after an ordnance accident that left her and Lieutenant Walon Vau without eyebrows for a short time. Also with her children now in the picture, she isn't sure of how to handle things with them, even though her eldest said it was okay for her to date someone else, Paul however said this to the counselor and not April herself.

April has never had any reservations about helping someone in need, they have only to ask her and she'll go aid them with whatever needs fixing, breaking or anything in between.

Special Notes: Several Battle Scars from the Dominion War including one on the left side of her face when a piece of debris slashed her face.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She's a devoted mother to four extremely active children. Also, she's devoted to her work and that's making Starbase 47 Operations work.

Weaknesses: She's never been good at separating work and play, she misses her husband and she also doesn't like people wasting her time.
Ambitions To be a good mother and to be a good leader, in that order.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: fixing broken things. flying. fencing and general combat
training. Honing her skills with Swords, Explosives, Keeping up with
the newest Starship and Technical designs, Cooking, Singing, Martial
Arts Training

Languages: Standard, Klingon, Cardassian, Limited Andorian and Vulcan.

Personal History April Dragon was Born in the Early Hours of April Eleventh in the Year 2352 to a father that cared more about his family then he did about his career. Edward Dragon wanted time off for his young family but his commanding officer refused to give it to him, citing a rather sensitive assignment. Dragon went back as he was ordered but he punched out his commanding officer but the USS Acclamator disappeared six months later and there was no word for years.

Aprils mother, however, was a medical officer stationed on Spacedock one at the time and so she requested a transfer to Starfleet Medical so she could teach new students as well as keep an eye on her family that now numbered just two. her eldest daughter Angela who was 2 years old at this point and her new infant daughter April.

Nicole tried to raise her family as best as she could without their father being around and she tries to tell herself that she did a good job but when April was 16, tragedy struck the small family when Angela Dragon was killed in a freak climbing accident.

Her loss only pushed April even harder to the point where she was burning out in school, it didn't help that she was getting into more and more fights with the local school bullies and eventually she became what she hated most by becoming the school bully, fortunately the high school gym teacher was experienced in Kung Fu. The man watched April as she struggled through her classes so he decided to try and help her by teaching her what he knew of Kung Fu and in doing so he took April under his wing with a simple warning "Great Power comes with great responsibility "use it wisely or not at all." and he trained April to find and outlet for her pain, even after graduation, she kept up with the training and eventually became skilled in her own right, she would also name her son for this man as well as he was the one that saved her from the rather unpleasant fate that she was heading towards.

April went into the Marine Classes of Starfleet Academy with a childhood friend of hers named Yuri Soloviev, the two of them suddenly got close and he'd gotten her pregnant but she decided to press on with her classes rather then just take a year off for her child, seeing this attitude in her, things started to go downhill between her and Yuri.

When the baby was born about midway through her second year in the academy, Yuri suddenly resigned from the academy and her took their child with him, leaving April heartbroken and alone and just like that her bitterness and anger consumed her

She graduated near the top of her Class in the final exams and then she took the summer off as she applied for Starfleet Academy and she was accepted in the fall as an engineer with an appetite for destruction. Some said that she was a throwback to Earth's World War Three because sometimes she sometimes liked nothing better then to set a charge and watch it blast something apart.

She Graduated from Starfleet Academy as an engineer, her first assignment was on the USS Obsidian, an old Excelsior Class that was approaching her 4th Major refit so she applied for transfer at the end of the year, it didn't help that before the end of her tour, she would see a lot of combat action on the USS Obsidian and later on ships such as the Peerless when she was damaged at Chin'Toka while at the Conn Station, flying some of these ships into hostile territory to engage the Dominion on their own turf, before she found her first real niche in life fixing Starships as a Engineer.

Also during the War, April spent some time on Starbase Deep Space Nine as an engineer on temp assignment so she got to know their senior staff quite well with the likes of Captain sisko and Commander Worf along with Major Kira and Lt Commander Dax.

April ended the war with more personality then when she started it as she had wound up on the USS Avenger until when Bajor joined the Federation, feeling sick and tired of watching too many of Starfleet's ships become used for war rather then peace. It was about this time when she first met the girl that would become her first child. A Cardassian teenager named Taselle Vanxen. When April found out this child had no family left, she stuck in her name to formally adopt this Cardassian as her own. The request was approved and Taselle Vanxen became Taselle Dragon, also about the same time, April requested a transfer over to the USS Sovereign and once again she was assigned this time to Alpha Watch as their assistant chief engineer.

April expressed an interest in Warp Drive Mechanics so she began studying the subject and she earned a Degree in Warp Drive Physics and she became romantically involved with one of the Science officers on the Sovereign but she broke it off after he became verbally abusive towards her after he followed her across to the USS Relentless where she had two separate encounters with then Commodore and later Rear Admiral Paul Antilles, the two remained as friends but thankfully nothing happened between them.

April earned a promotion of sorts because she was transferred to assist with shaking down the USS Halfgan, one of the newly commissioned Akira Class ships in the fleet and things went well. The assignment went well for her. However her assignment here was short and thus, she was reassigned to the USS Challenger

Her time on the USS Challenger was for her very eventful as she was reunited with her son but early in the ships service history, the ship was boarded and assaulted, granted she outclassed her foes, she was outmanned and outgunned, the ship was very nearly destroyed and April almost lost her own life as well as that of her son during the fight, also she lost 32 of her engineering staff that were taken as prisoners during the incident but those were later recovered by a Starfleet Commando Operation about a week later.

April became involved with the Chief Counselor of the same ship, the two of them recently settled down to start a family together as he proposed marriage to her, she has since accepted as they welcomed another addition. Elizabeth Duran. The birth of Elizabeth almost killed her as they were in combat conditions on the USS Challengers bridge in battle against the Borg, however she and the baby both survived.

With the loss of the USS Challenger, Commander Dragon was however reassigned to the USS Relentless, as her new commanding officer. April was offered the posting and she accepted. At the same time, she was promoted to Captain, she also is settling down into motherhood as well but events on the Challenger left her feeling angry, used and abused by the skipper. Captain Alex Carey who was since convicted for various crimes against the Federation and was later demoted and removed from his posting.

April for her part flourished once she was able to move on from what happened and nearly happened to her aboard USS Challenger, she remained as Captain of the USS Relentless until 2389 when she was promoted to Commodore and command of her own squadron of ships but she was required to move to Starbase 23 for the first part of her assignment so Starfleet promoted Renee Bruel to Captain and April went to off to her next assignment.

It was here where her husband was reunited with her after he had been promoted to Captain. April shamelessly requested that he be assigned to her command, what was even more unusual was that Duran had made the same request so both were reunited. Today April serves as Chief Operations officer for Starbase 47.
Service Record Medals:
Cochrane Medal of Excellence - June 2375
Commendation of Loyalty - June and November 2375
Act of Distinction Commendation - October 2375
Starfleet Service Award - May 2379
Academy Bar 2372
Expert Marksmanship - Jan 2377
Combat Merit - March 2375 and again in Nov 2375
Purple Heart with four Clusters
Red Crest with two clusters
Act of Kindness

Battle Ribbons:
Klingon Cluster
Cardassian Cluster
Dominion War Cluster
Borg Cluster
Battle of Sector 001
Breen Cluster
Tholian Cluster
Battle of Ivor Prime
Battle of Toros III
Battle of Celtris III
Battle of Tyra
Battle of Vulcan I and II
Battle of Chudala
Battle of Bolian Front
Battle of Tybor
Battle of Chin'toka
Battle of Earth
Battle of Getha
Battle of Cardassia

Primary School - Guildford, Southeast England
2357 - 2363 - Student

Secondary School - Aldershot, Southeast England
2363 - 2369 - Student
Child / Teenager

Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2369 to 2373 - Engineering Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Sovereign - Sovereign Class
2376 - 2377 - Degree in Warp Drive Physics

Service Record:

USS Obsidion - Excelsior Class
2374 to 2375 - Engineer

USS Peerless - Galaxy Class
2375 to 2375 - Engineer

USS Dauntless - Galaxy II Class
2375 to 2376 - Engineer
Lieutenant JG

USS Sovereign - Sovereign Class
2376 to 2377 - Engineer
Lieutenant JG

USS Relentless - Excelsior Class
2377 to 2378 - Engineer

USS Tiberius - Sovereign Class
2378 to 2381 - Chief Engineer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

USS Halfgan - Akira Class
2381 to 2383 - Chief Engineer
Lt Commander

USS Challenger - Hyperion Class
2383 to 2384 - Chief Engineer / Second Officer

USS Relentless - Pathfinder II Class
2384 to 2389 - Commanding Officer
Commander / Captain / Commodore

Starbase 23 - Ournal III Class
2389 to Present - Chief of Operations, Independent Fleet Operations
Rear Admiral / Division Admiral

Starbase 47 (Vanguard) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Chief of Starfleet Operations in the Taurus Reach
Division Admiral

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2369 to 2373 - Cadet One - Four
2374 to 2375 - Ensign
2375 to 2377 - Lieutenant JG
2377 to 2379 - Lieutenant
2379 to 2383 - Lt Commander
2383 to 2385 - Commander
2385 to 2388 - Captain
2388 to 2391 - Commodore
2391 to 2391 - Rear Admiral
Military Reorganization Act goes into effect.
2391 to Present - Division Admiral