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Grand Admiral April Yamaguchi

Name April Marie Yamaguchi

Position Commanding Officer, Starfleet Forces, Beta Quadrant

Rank Grand Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 49
Birthdate December 17th, 2344

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Svelte, willowy and generally attractive, she still has an excellent figure even in her late forties with three pregnancies.


Spouse Rear Admiral Franklin Armstrong - Commanding Officer of the Cassini Battlegroup
Children Natural Born Children:
Paige Yamaguchi - Twins
Kris Yamaguchi - Twins
Kimora Yamaguchi - Twins
Torilla Yamaguchi - Twins
Daniel Yamaguchi
Braden Yamaguchi - Infant / Twins
Haiyan Yamaguchi - Infant / Twins

Lieutenant Achasa Yamaguchi
Raymond Durden - Quick Shots only son.
Father Master Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Yamaguchi - Deceased
Mother Captain Rachael Yamaguchi - Executive Officer, Vanguard Defense Squadron
Brother(s) Jake Yamaguchi
Lee Yamaguchi
Ian Yamaguchi
Lee Antilles - Coral's husband
Steven Johnson - Heather's husband
Davijaan "Oddball" Yeager - Talon's husband
Sister(s) Coral Yamaguchi-Antilles
Heather Yamaguchi-Johnson
Talon Yeager
Alex Yamaguchi
Torilla Yamaguchi - Jake's Wife
Julia Yamaguchi - Lee's wife
Tienn-Yamaguchi Chesna - Ian's Wife
Other Family Many Others scattered around.

Personality & Traits

General Overview April has a laid back and 'can do' attitude, she tends to give those she knows are capable a wide latitude when she wants them to get things done, she has no time to babysit anyone.

She has an English sense of humor so it cam comes across as dry and witty at times, especially to the unknowing and the uneducated

Pissing this woman off is most unwise as she has an anger management issue, she calls it 'speaking her mind' and she has no tolerance for fools and the curious.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Excellent public speaker, good with tactics. she also has the ability to think creatively, she's laid back and easy to talk to as well as get along with.

Weaknesses: has no time for those who waste her time, also people who think they are more important than her and those around them.
Ambitions This is a woman who is happy with the state of her life. she has everything she wants
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Reading late 20th Century Novels, Combat training, making new holoprograms, combat training, watching movies on a big screen, loud music, general exercise routines, drinking with friends, Hunting on the Holodeck and flying.

Languages: Standard, fluent Cardassian, some Klingon and some Bajoran

Personal History April Yamaguchi was born in 2344, the oldest of Five children of Dr. Rachael Yamaguchi and then Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Yamaguchi on a warm August Morning, when April first saw the sky, it was dark with the stars scattered across the ferment of the cosmos, she would develop the love for the stars seen in all members of the Yamaguchi family.

She grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska on Earth with the rest of her family as her mother was assigned to the Starfleet medical facility. This suited April and her family fine as she grew up, a happy child with two loving parents that adored her, it seemed like nothing could go wrong until that fateful day in 2366 when her mother died.

For the family, it was a very bitter blow and for April, it ripped out her heart but also set her focus on her main career in life, Starfleet as a Security Officer, partly to protect others and to also avenge her mother and then later to properly avenge her loss by helping to destroy the Borg.

April graduated high school in early 2362 and applied right away for Starfleet Academy, she was accepted into that years fall semester as a student and then before the Borg scare and the destruction of the Fleet at Wolf 359, all the cadets and newly commissioned Ensigns were activated and placed on combat alert. April for her part, found herself being assigned to the USS Yellowstone, an older Excelsior class ship as she went off to face the Borg bravely, but still, she watched as the fleet around her were slaughtered down to the last ship with thousands lost to the Borg, including her own mother, Rachael who was lost with the destruction of the USS Goodson.

April was recovered along with several thousand other survivors when the relief force arrived.

April found herself meeting up with her various siblings including Jake and his girlfriend and to her everlasting joy, April was present when Jake proposed to Torilla, to her joy she watched as Torilla accepted her brother's proposal as they all prepared to do battle against a foe which never appeared as the starship Enterprise had appeared over Earth to destroy the cube at the last moment.

The Enterprise had recorded the losses but it would be another couple of months before other Starfleet Forces would be able to start retrieving bodies from the debris, but none of these would be positively identified as Dr. Rachael Yamaguchi so she was assumed lost with the explosion of the Goodson's warp core.

In December of 2366, April packed up her life and went off to the Starfleet Command College where she pushed herself to excel, graduating in early 2368. She was also offered her first choice of assignments and she went off to the newly refitted USS Roanoke which was now a proper Starfighter Carrier.

April's time aboard the USS Roanoke was time well spent as she quickly developed her command and control skills in several missions of exploration as well as combat assignments. With the threat of wartime hanging over the heads of everyone in the Federation, whether or not they were in Starfleet began to gnaw at April, she was noted for having a truly excellent grasp of tactics and starship command as well as combat.

April was soon reassigned to the USS Korolev as one of their relief pilots, she was quickly assigned to Alpha Watch on the Main Bridge during an engagement with a Maquis raider, this was what left her as the Chief Conn Officer since the current chief had been killed in the incident.

Early in 2371, April was asked by Starfleet Intelligence to go undercover and to help the Marquis Operations in the Badlands but before she could deliver her weapons, she was caught up in a Cardassian raid on Raxus VI.

The Cardassians took possession of her and threw her into a POW camp... where she was abused, tortured and systematically raped, a fellow prisoner was able to help her bear the abuse as she found solace in his arms and he gave her twins though she didn't know they were his and he was murdered not two days later, but she never even knew his name as she didn't have the heart to find out... the CO of the Cardassian guards realized that someone else was seeing his prized toy and so he was the one who murdered the officer April was with, right before her eyes, his blood splatted across her, it was meant as a gesture of cruelty and the message was 'you are MINE!' then the horror started again but a day later

The Camp was liberated by the Klingons during their invasion of the Cardassian Union. April was able to obtain a Bat'leth and she let her hunger and thirst for revenge get the best of her. April went on a killing spree of the Cardassian guards turned prisoners, she snapped with all the pent up rage and fury, doing to her new captives, parts of what they had done to her and the other civilian prisoners.

She had killed nearly 80% of the guards and it still wasn't enough as she wanted the Gul who had ordered all this done in the first place, she was able to corner the Cardassian Gul, it took him a while to die, even as she tortured him, his screams filling the valley, everyone could hear him and yet nobody bothered to stop her, to this day, April wondered why.

She dug a hole and buried him up to his neck, she then sat by him and waited as she wanted to question him about events but she couldn't go through with it so she cut him up and let his blood run as he had let her's run, she turned and left as she left the animals to finish him off.

After that, she was made a member of a Klingon house... House Kaang to be exact. April doesn't wear the bandoleer or the dak'tag like other members do....she'd not had the heart for it.

She was transferred to the USS Apollo as the Chief Conn Officer and Second Officer, she had been marked as someone with an exceptional sense of tactics in combat and there were those in Starfleet who were eager to see her develop before the oncoming War with the Dominion.

It was here when she decided that some new tactics were needed against the Dominion so she put the ship in for a refit and then ordered a rather sizable amount of supplies to be delivered, she then took a highly unusual battle-plan to Captain Sisko and General Martok, both of who liked what she had come up with "this is a warriors plan" Martok had said at the time "May you die well in battle Captain" he added as he addressed April.

April went from one assignment to the next during the war, from the Kraken to the Typhoon, from the Concorde to the Stalwart Dawn then her last assignment of the war was the USS Mount Elbrus, an older Excelsior-class starship. Meanwhile April wanted to see the Cardassians pay and they did, in a cruel twist of fate as the Dominion turned on their allies at the end of the war, she was present on the USS Mount Elbrus as they were helping to win the Battle of Cardassia, she was in the ships medical bay as she had been wounded during the battle of Getha.

April just couldn't find any pity or remorse for what had happened to the Cardassians and even if she could bring herself to try, she still couldn't,

The Cardassians have left scars and welts too deep, she then took time off to have her twins at Starfleet Medical, on Earth, medical complications almost killed the three of them. The doctors said she could have no more, it was then she realized the true extent of her losses, the Dominion had only killed nearly everyone she gave a damn about, all she had left was her family as they were lucky to have survived the war, her ship was destroyed and her crew were all dead, whereas the Cardassians had destroyed her and everything about her, she had nothing left, no peace, no future.

Aprils insides were abused so badly, they were surprised she was able to bring these two to term, after the delivery, she asked her father, then Senior Chief Petty Officer Ben Yamaguchi to formally adopt them as his own as she was in no shape for anything, he didn't like it as he really thought the kids could help her heal from her wounds but she was adamant, one of the Doctors agreed with her as well, so he filled out papers for it and they became his without a word of protest from April.

She considered herself almost a lost cause, her mind was in tatters, her body was ruined and her soul, poisoned by her own hatred.... and she was broken in rank for punching an Admiral who made a comment about her service record and how she needed to shape up, in 2376, she punched out Admiral Tanya Fugen'handa'wat who thought all she needed to do was just shape up, put her issues aside and focus on her career but the mind and body doesn't work like that and so she snapped.

She tried to go on with her career and life but she couldn't do it, Starfleet Command cited the fact that she didn't take time off or counseling after what happened as reason for not giving her another command but she remained at the rank of Captain, she was told this and she then walked out of the Admirals office in the middle of his explanation, she then decided to take a two year LOA to get her life sorted out, it didn't help that she had no direction or know where to start her healing process so, she came back to Starfleet in 2378 and was assigned to the USS United States as their Executive Officer and it was here where she relished her assignment. However, it came with a demotion to the rank of Commander. Due to her service record, her rank was suspended for the assignment rather than a full-on demotion.

She found an excellent leader in Captain Daniel Grafton who had a very laid back and easygoing manner, he realized that the usual brand of therapy would not work with his new fire-breather of an Exec so he decided to help in other ways, in that he wanted to draw her out of her shell.

Grafton watched as April seemed to relish her responsibilities and it was around this time when her father returned her children to her for her to raise. Ben did not tell Kris or Paige that April had technically abandoned them, but rather that he had told them that he was better able to look after them as she was busy with the fleet, he did not tell her about her two-year leave of absence in the Highland Mountains on Deneva. It was about this point that April began adopting a Klingon orphan she had found on Deneva as her third child.

Captain Daniel Grafton realized that April had more potential when he watched her in simulations commanding several ships as the USS United States was one of the few ships at this time that was operating in a battlegroup.

Daniel arranged for April to be transferred to Earth spacedock so she could develop these skills, she flourished here as a result of this. Among her various assignments was that she got to champion the cause of the new Asgard class Destroyer which Starfleet was starting to build.

Around the same time she ran into an old friend, one Franklin Armstrong, the two then started dating, with few issues they ended up in a relationship, he proposed to her in 2383, she accepted then they got married while she was pregnant with her middle child, a girl they both named Kimora after a family friend of the same name.

She was asked to shakedown the USS Asgard herself, this came with a promotion back to the rank of Captain, she was given the option of keeping the Asgard herself or getting another ship as her command, she requested another and was assigned to the Daedalus.

Around the time of her promotion to Rear Admiral, she learned she was pregnant with twins and later that year, she delivered a healthy boy and girl, which she and her husband named Torilla, after her sister in law and Daniel, named for Vice Admiral Daniel Grafton.

As the next few years went by, she gained command of her own task group and later was assigned to Starbase 24 as commander of the Twentieth Fleet, it was only within the last year when she was promoted to Admiral and made Commander of Starfleet

Forces, Beta Quadrant because her record was clean and almost spotless.

She found herself dealing with a lot of things going on in the fleet, she was appointed as COSFBQ, the long title was Commanding Officer, Starfleet Forces, Beta Quadrant. Partly because someone wanted a stool pigeon but this is a woman who will not be talked down to or used and controlled by anyone so she made something out of the posting rather than nothing.

When Commander Torilla Yamaguchi requested assistance with her decrepit assignment, April sent a research and development team to assist USS Roanoke with her various issues.

April was able to reunite with one of her brothers, Jake along with his family, she does maintain contact with her various siblings and their families as she found herself noticing a great many scandals going on, also she had been made aware of recent events which did not sit well with her not one bit.

In Late August of 2391, April gave command of the Daedalus to her executive officer and she also promoted him to Captain. Now she only holds the position of Commanding Officer, Starfleet Forces, Beta Quadrant. April is settling into her assignment with relish, it's not often she gets to command ships and bases on a galactic scale. However, she knew her many enemies would like nothing more than to get rid of her so she has to be careful, more so now then she would in years gone by.

When the Military reorganization act came into effect on August 1st of 2391, her rank remained unchanged because of her position.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2362 to 2366 - Pilot / Conn Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Yellowstone - Excelsior Class
2366 to 2366 - Conn Officer

Starfleet Command College - Earth, SOL
2366 to 2368 - Command Student
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Roanoke - Nebula Class Carrier
2368 to 2371 - Conn Officer
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

USS Korolev - Excelsior Class
2371 to 2372 - Conn Officer
Lt Commander

USS Apollo - Excelsior Class
2372 to 2374 - Chief Conn Officer

Dominion War Service Begins

USS Typhoon - Defiant Class
February 2374 to October 2374 - Chief Conn Officer / Executive Officer

USS Concorde - Concorde Class Carrier
October 2374 to March 2375 - Executive Officer

USS Stalwart Dawn - Akira Class
March to August 2375 - Executive Officer / Commanding Officer
Commander / Captain

USS Mount Elbrus - Excelsior Class
August 2375 to April 2376 - Commanding Officer

Dominion War Service Ends.
2376 to 2378 - Leave of Absense.

USS United States - Sovereign II Class
2378 to 2381 - Executive Officer
Captain - Held the rank of Commander for the assignment

Earth Spacedock - Ournal I Class
2381 to 2384 - Commanding Officer

USS Asgard - Asgard Class
2384 to 2384 - Commanding Officer

USS Daedalus - Asgard Class
2384 to 2391 - Executive Officer
Rear Admiral / Vice Admiral

Starbase 24 - Ournal II Class, USS Daedalus - Asgard Class
2386 to 2390 - Commanding Officer - The Nineteenth Fleet
Rear Admiral / Vice Admiral

Starbase 12 - Ournal II Class, USS Daedalus - Asgard Class
2390 to 2392 - Commanding Officer, Starfleet Forces - Beta Quadrant
Vice Admiral / Admiral

Starbase 105 - Ournal II Class.
2392 to Present Day - Commanding Officer, Starfleet Forces - Beta Quadrant
Grand Admiral

Dates of Promotions and Demotions: - Due to the demands of the present assignment.
2362 to 2366 - Cadet One - Four
2366 to 2367 - Ensign
2367 to 2369 - Lieutenant JG
2369 to 2371 - Lieutenant
2371 to 2374 - Lt Commander
2374 to 2375 - Commander
2375 to 2381 - Captain
2381 to 2384 - Commodore
2384 to 2388 - Rear Admiral
2388 to 2392 - Vice Admiral
2392 to Present - Admiral
2393 to 2393 - Fleet Admiral
2393 to Present - Grand Admiral (Due to Assignment)