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Commodore Rachael Antilles

Name Rachael Antilles

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human - Colonist
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Taller, lithe and muscular are what best describes this walking beauty.


Spouse Captain Nathan Antilles - Commanding Officer, USS Silent Storm
Children Heather Antilles - 16 years old
Selene Antilles - 14 years old
Cole Antilles - 13 years old - Twins
Anthony Antilles - 13 years old - Twins
Father Grand General Paul Antilles - Commanding Officer, Starfighter Forces, Beta Quadrant
Mother Captain Andrea Crane - Deceased
Brother(s) Commodore Edward Antilles
Commodore Robert "Robbie" Antilles
Lt Commander Jerome Antilles
Micheal Antilles - Child
Master Chief Petty Officer Julian Antilles "The Master Chief - Spartan Super-solder.
William Antilles - Child
Commander Stephen Dixon - Kira's Husband
James Hasti - Marie's Husband
Sister(s) Captain Kira Antilles
Lieutenant Marie Hasti
Lt Commander Mekka Antilles - Adopted
Patrica Antilles - Child
Katrina Antilles - Child
Commander Mirith Sinn-Antilles - Roberts Wife
Other Family Lieutenant Kam Solusar - Deceased

See Antilles family entry in the Wiki

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rachael is generally laid back and easy to get along with. She smiles often and easily, approaching her is not hard.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She's an excellent taskmaster and motivator of others. She's also dedicated to her work

Weaknesses: She hates having his time wasted
Ambitions She's happy with the state of her life at present
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Cooking, Singing, Painting, Various Sports, Reading, Listing to Music, Keeping up with the newest Starship and Technical designs, Flying, Fencing

Languages Spoken: Klingon, French, Bolian and German, can understand some Cardassian and some Romulan

Personal History Rachael Antilles was born early in the morning of March 19th, 2354 at Starfleet Academy's medical center to newly proud parents. Cadets Paul and Andrea Antilles, Rachael was the second of 3 children to be born to these two, and along with her twin Robert that most called 'Robbie' which after a time, he would come to prefer Robbie over Robert. They would grow up around Starfleet Ships and bases so Rachael would acquire that innate skill with Starfleet Equipment that only someone raised around the service could acquire. Her younger sister Kira was born two years later.

It was natural that he would enter Starfleet and in 2369, she applied and was accepted to join the 2370 class of the fall semester and she went with the blessing of both his parents as he arrived in San Francisco in early 2370 to begin his prep and study, she knew that the Federation would soon be going off to war once again as the Borg threat had not receded, but rather it had grown with the passage of time.

She graduated in early 2373 just in time for the Dominion War. She went across three ships during the course of the war, with two of those destroyed out from under her and the third was crippled so badly that she had to be scrapped.

Her forth assignment was after the Dominion War and it was here where she remained for several years afterwards, she finally got the chance to climb the rank ladder before she ran into a guy named Nathan Fett who was dealing with some issues in life, however Rachael liked him simply because he didn't let things get too far out of hand.

Rachael, in the end, had a one night stand with a guy who's name she didn't even know and while she was irresponsible on the matter, the guy left her a baby girl a year later, Fett saw that she was having issues with it and so he decided to assist her, even turning down his own assignment as Exec on the USS Indianapolis for this. Their relationship developed quickly and Fett even took her name as his own after they were married. They welcomed a set of twins several months later.

Rachael was promoted before being transferred off to the USS Stormhawk as Exec, before she was offered her own command a few years later, the USS Midway, her assignment here as her first and only Captain was productive but it almost derailed her career when she was severally damaged by a pirate raid on a Federation base.

Rachael was able to cull down the pirate group by three quarters but they managed to loot some of what they wanted and then they got away with it, she was reassigned to command the USS Korolev, an Akira class ship set up in the starfighter carrier role.

Early in 2391, the Korolev went in for refitting from a starfighter carrier to a destroyer, she was reassigned to command the USS Louisville, a new Century class starship, an assignment she is looking forward to.

Late in 2392, Rachael was promoted to command Cruiser Squadron Sixteen with her flag being on the USS Louisville, her new posting came with the rank of Commodore.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2369 to 2373 - Operations Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Chimaera - Excelsior Class
2373 to March 2375 - Operations Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Sanderson - Miranda Class
March to October 2375 - Operations Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Gordelivyy - Excelsior Class
October 2375 to April 2376 - Operations Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Udaloy - Akira Class
April 2376 to 2380 - Operations Officer / Chief Operations Officer
Lieutenant JG / Lt Commander

USS Stormhawk - Akira Class
2380 to 2383 - Executive Officer
Lt Commander / Commander

USS Midway - Kelvin Class
2383 to 2387 - Commanding Officer

USS Korolev - Akira Class
2387 to 2391 - Commanding Officer

USS Louisville - Century Class
2391 to Present - Commanding Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2369 to 2373 - Cadet One - Four
2373 to 2375 - Ensign
2375 to 2377 - Lieutenant JG
2377 to 2380 - Lieutenant
2380 to 2383 - Lt Commander
2383 to 2387 - Commander
2387 to 2392 - Captain
2392 to Present Day - Commodore