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Post Captain Mikaela Di'Tomasso-Sinclair

Name Mikaela Di'Tomasso-Sinclair

Position Chief Tactical Actions Officer

Rank Post Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 76 (Looks like she's 40)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Black with highlights of silver
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Large and intimidating are what best describes this walking powerhouse of a beauty. She is muscular and heavily built somewhat looking like a hulking tank. Also, it should be noted that she doesn't smile often.


Spouse Brigadier General Jorge "Noble Six" Sinclair-Di'Tomasso - Executive Officer, 18th Starfighter Group
Children Ivan Sinclair-Di'Tomasso - Civilian, Child
Alexandra Sinclair-Di'Tomasso - Civilian, Child
Hirar Sinclair-Di'Tomasso - Civilian, Child
Laronna Sinclair-Di'Tomasso - Civilian, Child
Father Rear Admiral Robert Di'Tomasso - Retired - Adopted
Mother Captain Rachael Di'Tomasso - Retired - Adopted
Brother(s) Biological: None

Adopted: Nathan Di'Tomasso
Sister(s) Biological:
Braelynn Di'Tomasso
Natalie Di'Tomasso

Janet Di'Tomasso
Ophelia Di'Tomasso

Kerrie Di'Tomasso - Sister in law - Married to Nathan
Other Family Biological: None

Adopted: Many others floating around.
All of them are Di'Tomasso's

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mikaela Di'Tomasso is generally laid back but she has never forgotten where she came from or what she used to be. She was a slave and she wears her slave mark proudly. However this also comes with risks as if she is captured by slavers, she will be sent back to her master or she will be abused before being terminated on the spot. It would depend on the slaver in question.

Di'Tomasso despises slavers and she is not too worried about people knowing it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Mikaela Di'Tomasso always has a smile or a world weary joke, ready for use at all time. It comes with never knowing how long she has left. She has a workaholic personality and has no problems with working long hours. She has no spouse or children to distract her

Weaknesses: When some calls her a 'Cheap Orion Slave Girl.' She gets angry, EXTREMELY angry.
Ambitions To make slavery extinct. Whatever it takes.
Hobbies & Interests Guns, Guns and bigger guns. Explosives and weapons of all kinds. She is open top new hobbies and new ideas.

Personal History Mikaela Di'Tomasso was born as Mikaela Des'Moi in a slum on the Orion Homeworld, her mother was a prostitute and her father was one of her clients. As such her story was a vile and dark one while she grew up, she was routinely abused and tormented by the other children and even by some of the adults too.

Di'Tomasso lived in a harsh and brutal world where your looks determined where or not you lived or you died, lorded over by a few rich old men with latinum in their eyes and girls on their minds. The man at the top was known only as 'Togran Feric' and he was rumored to prefer the attention of girls under the age of fourteen but over the age of ten and he was also rumored to be sleeping with a new girl every night.

Di'Tomasso was forced into prostitution early, sometimes she was beaten and other times she was rewarded then used and abused.

Di'Tomasso lost touch with her mother who apparently turned up dead a week later, the victim of a gang rape on Koralis's Southern side. Di'Tomasso had been so traumatized by this point that she finally snapped but she went about getting her revenge in a rather evil way.

Quietly the six gangbangers all ended up dead in rather gruesome ways and yet Di'Tomasso was never caught for this, simply because the police decided to declare the entire city as a no-go area and they simply washed their hands of the problem.

Di'Tomasso was able to steal quite a small fortune from these six criminals, one of them was Togran Feric which Braelynn did not mind in the least.

Braelynn was able to liberate a small ship and get off world but not having any ideas on where to go, she simply picked a direction and fled. However for the first time in her life, luck and fate with with her as the USS John C Stenis appeared out of warp and simply captured the shuttle, she was beamed out before she could grab any of her weapons.

The Security Chief was there along with the ships Exec and a few others. Unfortunately Di'Tomasso suspected a trap and went for the nearest guy to her, she slapped aside his phaser while she crashed into him, knocking him over but she had the sense to grab her as she did so, pulling her onto him as he landed on a heap on the floor with her atop him.

"Calm down... Nobody is going to hurt you."


"I Got this.." as he tossed his phaser to one of the other guys, he simply wrapped the terrified child in a hug as he gently held her. "Easy. I'm Robert Di'Tomasso." and that was how the father would meet his adopted daughter. a sickbay visit followed and a full scale investigation launched into the entire affair by order of the ships Captain.

Meanwhile Di'Tomasso took in this angry and frightened young woman who had never known anything resembling a stable life before and together with his wife, he showed Di'Tomasso what stability was.

It took the small child many month's to overcome her habits even as the Di'Tomasso's filled for adoption of Di'Tomasso but even that took months and they said there was no guarantee but Robert stuck his foot down angrily. "She deserves some peace... and I will raise her as my own.... with our without your consent."

Captain Dominic Pilla who was the JAG Officer was going to deny it but it was Di'Tomasso who held the final say on the matter, she was asked straight out and she said simply. "Here. I am free... I am free to be myself... to build a future for myself..and I will, but.... I will do it here with these people.... who did not need to take me in... yet they did... and I owe them everything I am for their kindness.... they are the one ray of sunshine in a world of black shit.. and you are punishing them for it."

The case was settled the very next day and Di'Tomasso Des'Moi became Mikaela Di'Tomasso, she learned quickly how to count, read and write as she began to turn her attention to her studies before her, she had her siblings looking over her and protecting her from just about everyone around her.

Mikaela bonded quickly with her new siblings. Nathan took the small Orion under his wings as he was able to show her how to be a kid but also that she could be herself rather then try to be something she wasn't. Her interests began to manifest themselves quickly during these times in her life.

When she graduated high school at age twenty as she had been held back a couple of years, her scholastic grades were never that great to begin with and getting her to learn anything really complex was more or less a waste of time.

Finding herself at loose ends, she decided to enlist so she could bring death to the enemies of those she cared about, her time at boot camp was more of what she already knew but she didn't stand out in any way but she learned a great deal and she found a place after the Gunny instructed her to 'Earn it. Don't just be given it... you got to WORK hard for it and you damm well will work TWICE as hard."

Needless to say, Di'Tomasso loved it and her first posting was to the USS Wake Island, here she served for a couple of years before being recommended for Force Recon School as she could almost disappear into the bush when planet-side and during exercises, nobody could ever find her.

She was promoted and packed off to Force Recon school, she was able to showcase just how good she was during a major exercise when she and one other were able to hold off an enemy attack several dozen times her size.

They assumed her position was a long stronger then a simple sniping team and yet she was unqualified or certified, her spotter thought she was playing with his mind but he later checked and sure enough she wasn't, so he told their superiors of this sergeant's accomplishments so they tried her for the certification and she passed with flying colors.

This was the first time she met her usual spotter, one Lance Sergeant Odessa Martell who as fortune had it, was also an Orion woman.

Needless to say the two women became almost inseparable from that point and yet they were a very effective but somewhat lethal combination. Also their personalities meshed and they turned into something of a comical duo.

The two were assigned together ever since and Di'Tomasso as promoted to the rank of Gunnery Sargent aboard the USS Argonne in an effort to bolster the numbers assigned there.

Di'Tomasso remained assigned to the USS Argonne for three years before she was offered the chance to obtain a commission, this was something she decided to pursue rather then ignore it so she departed the Marine Corps and went into Starfleet itself. Quickly settling into the role of an operations officer.

She went to OCS on Wolf Three Five Nine and it was here where this Orion found a world she could call home but she didn't remain here as she was assigned to the USS First Light, a newly commissioned Guardian class starship.

Di'Tomasso's time on the USS First Light informative and she highly enjoyed her assignment here. She spent time mellowing our and calming down from how she was a few years earlier. She began to open up much more often and at the eve of the 25th century. Di'Tomasso met someone and while their relationship began to blossom.

It all came to a horrible end in mid 2400 when several Tholian ships jumped the USS First Light and while the battle was short, it was also brutal in which the Federation ship was able to drive off its attackers. Di'Tomasso was wounded but her boyfriend had been killed in the battle.

Di'Tomasso went to another ship rather then process the information that her boyfriend had been killed and she remained on the USS Vanguard for another six years becoming Chief of Operations and spending time as second officer and getting more then a few shifts commanding bridge watches.

Di'Tomasso didn't mind the extra work as the crew of the USS Vanguard were shorthanded however it all ended during the battle for the Gamma Hiromi cluster which the Klingons invaded to take it from the Federation in 2405. The battle cost both sides in numbers of ships lost and damaged but ultimately the Federation was able to solidify their hold on the cluster by driving back the Klingon attack force which consisted of two dozen Birds of prey.

The Vanguard however was lost in the battle itself but Braelynn and the majority of her crew escaped the funeral pyre that had once been their home. Di'Tomasso was reassigned to Starbase 240 where she remained for two years, her assignment here was helping with repairing damaged ships from the Klingon war.

When she heard that the chief operations officer posting was open on the USS Heyerdahl, she stuck in her name for it, before she settled into a wait and see attitude with it. To her surprise she got the posting and here she remained for another three years before she got an offer to become commanding officer of the USS Talos.

Bidding goodbye to her home of three years, she quietly departed and took command of the USS Talos where she found herself going out against Klingon forces in increasingly destructive assignments while she was assigned to the Klingon front of the Federation-Klingon War which had broken out several years earlier.

Di'Tomasso was quickly promoted to Captain and helped turn the war around, eventually forcing the Klingons out of Federation space by late twenty-four eleven. However, by twenty-four fourteen, the Federation was ready and they began a major invasion of Klingon space and attacked over two dozen worlds with battle groups and various fleets they had available.

Di'Tomasso, however, was planetside with a shuttle as part of a resupply effort, but her shuttle was lost as it went through a subspace wormhole, losing contact with the Talos caused Starfleet to undertake a rather extensive search with the Talos and four other smaller ships which eventually searched the region but they turned up no trace of her so she was presumed missing in action and her first officer was advanced to command the Talos in her place.

Mikaela Di'Tomasso ended up in the Akurian Confederation and ended up making a new home and life for herself there before she heard about the possibility of being a civilian contractor on the super heavy class starship Noble.

Soon Di'Tomasso had heard that contact with her original home had been reestablished, it was chance that she was serving with Fifty-Eighth Independent Fleet that brought her to a world that looked like her home but wasn't but she would settle here seeing as this world was close enough.
There were subtle differences between this new timeline and her original one, almost everything was the same, even the ships used and the people she had met, were in many cases, the exact same.

However, there were subtle differences between the two timelines, in this one, there was more instability in the Klingon Empire and the Romulans were already morphing into four new nation states whereas in her ogirinal history, the Romulans remained in a state of disintergration for much longer.
Service Record Starfleet ROTC - Earth, SOL
September 2378 to December 2378 - Marine Infantry - Sniper.
Cadet Recruit

USS Wake Island - Nebula Class
2379 to 2382 - Marine Infantry - Sniper.
Private / Sergeant

Force Recon School - Earth
2382 - 2384 - Student

USS Inchon - Nebula Class
2384 to 2387 - Marine Infantry - Sniper.
Staff Sergeant

USS Peleliu - Wasp Class
2387 to 2391 - Marine Infantry - Sniper.
Staff Sergeant / Gunnery Sergeant

USS Argonne - Nebula Class
2391 to 2394 - Marine Infantry - Sniper.
Gunnery Sergeant / Master Sergeant

Starfleet OCS - Stapelton Center - WOLF 359
March 2394 to June 2394
Lieutenant Junior Grade

USS First Light - Guardian Class
2396 to 2400 - Operations Officer

USS Vanguard - Sovereign Class
2400 to 2306 - Chief Operations Officer
Lt Comamnder / Commander

Starbase 240 - Frontier Class
2406 to 2307 - Deputy Chief Operations Officer

USS Heyerdahl - Galaxy Class
2406 to 2309 - Executive Officer

USS Talos - Galaxy Class
2409 to 2414 - Commanding Officer
Commander / Captain

Lost due to Temporal Anomaly / Wormhole
Spent twenty years working for the Akurian military in various places.
2414 to 2434 - as Mikaela reckoned time.

Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2392 to 2393 - Refresher Training

USS Roanoke-A - Odin Class
Jan 2393 to April 2393 - Commanding Officer

Starbase Vanguard (47) - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Chief Tactical Officer

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
First Starfleet Career:
September 2378 to December 2378 - Cadet Recruit
December 2378 to June 2379 - Private
June 2379 to December 2379 - Private First Class
December 2379 to December 2380 - Lance Corporal
December 2380 to December 2381 - Corporal
2381 - 2384 - Sergeant
2384 to 2387 - Staff Sergeant
2387 to 2392 - Gunnery Sergeant
2392 to 2394 - Master Sergeant
2394 to 2396 - Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396 to 2400 - Lieutenant
2400 to 2405 - Lt Commander
2405 to 2410 - Commander
2410 to 2414 - Captain

Second Starfleet Career:
2392 to Present - Captain