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Commodore Edward Antilles

Name Edward Antilles

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Klingon
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ed is not a large man or a tall man but he does stand out simply because he carries himself like a solder, not as your average guy. everything he does is a monument to the art of war.


Spouse K'Taal Antilles, Chief Security Officer, USS Exeter
Children Koloth - 22 years old (Adopted)
Kassin - 1 year old
Child 1 - Unborn
Child 2 - Unborn
Father Grand General Paul Antilles - Commanding Officer, Starfighters Forces, Beta Quadrant
Mother Qun'a' - Daughter of Othang - Federation Refugee
Brother(s) Commodore Robert "Robbie" Antilles
Lt Commander Jerome Antilles
Micheal Antilles - Child
Master Chief Petty Officer Julian Antilles "The Master Chief - Spartan Super-solder.
William Antilles - Child
Commander Stephen Dixon - Kira's Husband
Captain Nathan Antilles - Rachael's Husband
James Hasti - Marie's Husband
Sister(s) Captain Kira Antilles
Commodore Rachael Antilles
Lt Commander Marie Hasti
Lt Commander Mekka Antilles - Adopted
Patrica Antilles - Child
Katrina Antilles - Child
Commander Mirith Sinn-Antilles - Roberts Wife
Other Family See Antilles family entry in the Wiki.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Edward Antilles is not a nice guy by any stretch of the imagination. He was raised as Klingon by his mother who raised him alone so he has daddy issues. That said he gets along with those under his command well enough. He is a master of combat and crossing him is exceptionally unwise.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Ed is a solder first and an explorer second, he believes that in order to be ready for peace then one must be ready for war. However he does not agree with the bellicose nature of the Klingon empire which is why he ended up in Starfleet in the process.

Weaknesses: He goes into most situations expecting a fight.
Ambitions To find a mate and raise a family of his own.
Hobbies & Interests Most of his hobbies are shaped by the arts of war that he was steeped in as a child.

Personal History Ed Antilles was born the youngest of House Keras. He was something of a house-born bastard because his mother had a sexual encounter with a human male who was being raised as part of House Kaang.

To make matters between them even worse, house Kaang and House Keras were mortal enemies so the two were raiding each other's outposts and ships until Paul Antilles finally said to the house head. "Launch an attack on their main shipyard, ignore their food production facility that you've been attacking."

Paul Antilles had, without realizing it, had sealed the destruction of House Keras. His one-time bedmate named Qun'a was forced to enlist in the Klingon Defense forces to escape the destruction of her house, however, all other members of her house were captured and she was the only one to escape.

Ed Antilles was not so fortunate as he ended up very nearly being put to the sword as the rest of the house was simply folded into House Kaang. Kaang could not simply condone the slaughter of none-combatants and children so he made them swear an oath of loyalty that if they ever take up arms against House Kaang then they would be executed, more severe they would be simply kicked out of the house and of the empire to live as vagabonds. With the oath of allegiance to House Kaang secured, Ed and the rest of House Keras survived.

Ed Keras as he was called, grew up to be a formidable warrior even if he didn't have the full crest of the average Klingon. He knew he was part human so he decided to look into the information the empire had about the Federation. When he was twelve, he went off to the military academy where some of the Klingon's most legendary warriors were trained as children.

His training was rigorous as well as extremely physically demanding but he also had the intelligence to go along with the brawn.

Ed also heard about several exchange programs also in place between the two powers so he stuck his name in and applied, the empire was heading on a downward spiral rather than using brains to resolve its issues, he was using brawn and far too many warriors were falling in battle for too little gain. To his surprise, after a few weeks, his request was approved so he packed his bags and off he went.

Once in the Federation. Ed decided to stick in a request for citizenship full time as he decided to not go back to the empire, despite the fact he wore Klingon armor almost all of the time, becoming something of an oddity as he tended to stand out.

Ed went into the Officer preparation program, where he and the academy staff found he had all he needed so he was permitted to graduate and join the Federation fleet on a provisional basis. He was told that he had to abide by the Federation's laws and conduct himself accordingly. Ed honestly didn't really care as he felt that sometimes the Federation was a little too weak for their own good.

His first assignment was on the USS Crowninshield, an older Excelsior class ship who's skipper was rather formal and her security chief did not like Edward at all so he kept him at Ensign for eighteen months rather than the one year he normally was expected to do.

Ed did not care in the least, as he was there to do a job and not be like for it but he decided to stick in for reassignment after the Security Chief tried shafting him on protocol.

Ed was not going to have his honor questioned so he decided to do something about it. To prove a point he decided to program the holodeck with a Klingon training exercise in mind with a Federation twist and he showcased it to the Executive Officer as a case of his talents. The Captain likewise was dragged into it as she was curious about the matter.

The security staff meanwhile failed the exercise utterly and then he said. "Yet I'm the one who doesn't follow the regulations, sir."

His transfer was approved as the Security Chief tried to kill him in his sleep, Ed was forced to beat the man within an inch of his life in self-defense. His record, however, was cleared of any wrongdoing but Captain Tasha Mitchel had a lot of cleaning up to do in regards to recent events.

His second assignment was to the USS Caen. This assignment went much smoother because the Security Chief had an open mind regarding Ed Antilles and it was here where Ed Antilles found out who he was related to. As Ed was curious about his kin, he began to reconnect with the other members of the Antilles family including his brother and two sisters. Also, he got to meet his stepmother, Commander Andrea Crane for the first time. He was expecting a soft and pampered prissy schoolgirl but what he got was a warrior, much like himself. He was impressed with her tactical skills but it was her humanity that got through to this angry young man more than anything else. Crane was able to reason with Ed in a way that few had tried in the past so he listened to her.

Ed was around this time forced to decide between the Empire and the Federation, he chose to wear the uniform of Starfleet and serve the Federation during the war with the Klingons, in response, many who knew him in the empire considered him a traitor and severed ties, Ed found this to his liking as it was fewer issues he needed to concern himself with.

The Caen was boarded and once it was known who Ed Antilles was, the Klingon forces seemed to take an almost perverse delight in hunting for him, as a result, his hatred of the Klingons only grew until he was advocating all-out strikes against Klingon military targets. His hatred only quieted after the war was stopped thanks to the arrival of the Dominion on the scene but the end of the road for the USS Caen came at the battle of Sector Zero Zero One and the second Borg attack, while the Cube was destroyed. the Caen was also destroyed, thanks to one Borg plasma torpedo which demolished half the ship and killed two-thirds of her crew, forcing Ed and several dozen others to flee for their very lives.

Ed's next assignment was to the USS Palisade, which was an Akira Class starship, it was here he fought the Dominion War, first shot to last while he was involved in some of the more brutal battles.

Ed showcased his skills time and time again during the Dominion War as he was helping to coordinate several attack wings during a couple of the later battles, also he showcased his skills several times in and with command as well.

After the end of the Dominion War, he was reassigned to Starbase 62 where he remained for four years as he sharpened and honed his skills, the base commander asked him to assume command of the USS Silver Bull, one of the older Sabre class ships assigned to the base, he improved this ship and he also showed that he could do the job.

He was offered the command of the USS Ovathan which was an older Akira class starship which he commanded for several years. Ed found the Ovathan a decent ship but she wasn't that good and she was also too old for his tastes, however, this did not stop him with his efforts.

She went in for a refit from a Carrier to a Torpedo boat but Ed was offered the chance to command something new and so he found himself commanding the USS Pathe, a posting that he maintained to early 2392 then he was reassigned to the USS Exeter, one of the new Noble class ships.

At the same time, he was promoted to Commodore and was assigned to command Cruiser Squadron Twenty One, based on his flagship, the USS Exeter.
Service Record Klingon Military Academy - Kronos - OMEGA LEONIS 53
2365 to 2369 - Millitary Student

Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2369 to 2370 - Officer Preparation Program

USS Crowninshield - Excelsior Class
2370 to 2372 - Security Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Caen - Steamrunner Class
2372 to 2373 - Security-Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Palisade - Akira Class
2373 to 2376 - Security-Tactical Officer / Chief Security-Tactical Officer

Starbase 62 - Ournal I Class
2376 to 2380 - Executive Officer
Lt Commander
USS Silver Bull - Sabre II Class
2376 to 2380 - Commanding Officer
Lt Commander

USS Ovathan - Akira Class
2380 to 2386 - Commanding Officer

USS Pathe - Sovereign Class
2386 to 2392 - Commanding Officer

USS Exeter - Noble Class
2392 to Present Day - Commanding Officer
Captain / Commodore

USS Exeter - Noble Class
2392 to Present Day - Commanding Officer - Cruiser Squadron Five

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2369 to 2370 - Cadet
2370 to 2372 - Ensign
2371 to 2373 - Lieutenant JG
2373 to 2376 - Lieutenant
2376 to 2380 - Lt Commander
2380 to 2386 - Commander
2386 to 2392 - Captain
2392 to Present Day - Commodore