Division Admiral Stephen Caldwell Jr.

Name Stephen Caldwell Jr.

Position Chief Security Officer for the Taurus Reach

Rank Division Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Stephen Caldwell is large and physically intimidating.


Spouse Captain Tara Caldwell - Commanding Officer, USS Sirocco
Children Biological Daughters
Lt Commander Helen Caldwell - Chief Medical Officer, USS Ticonderoga
Commander Fiona Caldwell - Commanding Officer, USS Thunderer

Adopted Daughters
Lt Commander Karis Gelon - Chief Counselor, USS Shield of Wolves
Senior Chief Petty Officer S'taaszan - Starbase 45 - Daughter in Law

Biological Sons
Captain James Caldwell - Commanding Officer, USS Iron Maiden
Commander Tomas Caldwell - Commanding Officer, USS Stonewall Jackson
Kevin Caldwell - Twelve years old
James Caldwell - Ten years old

Adopted Sons
Lieutenant Toshnarr - Starfleet
Commander Kilrog - Starfleet
Commander Ortilon - Starfleet
Arnilon - Civilian
Father Colonel Stephen Caldwell - Retired
Mother Lt Commander Lara Caldwell - Retired
Brother(s) Nathan Caldwell - High School Teacher
Command Master Chief Petty Officer James Caldwell - Chief Dockmaster, USS Avalon
Sister(s) Captain Alyssa Caldwell - Commanding Officer, USS Inverness
Other Family Kathyrn Caldwell - First Wife, Deceased

Several Others

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stephen Caldwell is a generally likable man, who frequently smiles, he's noted for his sense of humor as well as his command style because he could be accused of being too friendly at times, though he does cares about his crew most of all, and would stop short of nothing to keep the people under his command safe. He's something of an idealist, despite all he's been through. He still believes that all the universe is waiting on is the right people to come along and set things right. Caldwell realizes he can't do that all by himself... but he'll do what he must. he's also nicknamed 'the old man' otherwise also known as 'Thor' as when he got pissed off, he tended to turn his mild and pleasent deminor into something truly ugly.

He also has a voracious appetite for knowledge-- and can often be seen reading the latest dispatches from the Federation News Service, and anything else he can get his hands on but that doesn't make him a bookworm. Caldwell was very active as a teen, and later at the Academy. he was on the High School Football team along with the Academy Football team later on. Caldwell is very easy going, and the way he deals with you depends on the way you deal with him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: His command style is odd and unusual, in that he is more an explorer than a soldier but he is able to switch back and forth

Weaknesses: One could argue he's not found the right balance between work and family.
Ambitions To be a good husband to his wife, a good father to his children and a good captain to his crew.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, Singing, Reading, Listing to Music, Keeping up with the newest Starship and Technical designs, Cooking

Languages Spoken:
Klingon, French, Bolian and, German, can understand some Cardassian and some Romulan

Personal History Stephen Caldwell was born in the early hours of May 9th, 2333 to an older couple named John and Fiona Caldwell, they were living in Cairo as doctors in civilian life, nowhere near Starfleet but as time went by, his parents tried to keep him away from Starfleet and to chase a civilian career.

Caldwell's childhood was relatively uneventful until his family moved to Springfield, Illinois where his folks bought a couple of Farms that were for sale so Caldwell learned how to do everything himself from watering the plants his mother kept in the front yard to fixing the three family tractors to maintaining the family hovercar.

When he was 16, his uncle purchased a Hoverbike for him and Caldwell suddenly had the freedom now that he'd never had before so he began spending less and less time at the family farm because he felt his parents were too restrictive.

His one brother named Nathan Caldwell respected his parents wishes, he graduated school with honors and went to become a teacher at the local college but Stephen Caldwell wanted something more so he went and submitted an application for Starfleet Academy without his parents consent and in the fall of 2349, he was accepted as a student in combat tactics and security, Starship Operations was his minor and he went through the academy during what some had called 'Starfleet's second golden age of exploration', things with the Cardassians were heating up and so his first assignment was to the USS Nelson which often patrolled the Cardassian border.

He was here for two years and did well, he enjoyed the assignment but it ended two years after it began as he was promoted to Lt jg and he was assigned to the USS Tigers Claw as one of their junior tactical and security officers, here he saved the ship by defusing a 'wild rabbit' meaning a warhead had activated and was threatening to destroy the ship from the inside out, Caldwell had it beamed away, it then exploded in mid-transport and fried the Transporter Systems, requiring a stopover at a Starbase but otherwise the ship was intact, this resulted in him earning a commendation citing his bravery and valor under pressure.

This assignment ended in 2364 when it was revealed that he was wanted by one Commander Caroline 'Callie' Hawking who was assigned as the XO on the USS Peerless, she wanted his combat skills while they patrolled the Romulan and Cardassian Borders, this earned him a promotion to Lieutenant to boot, this would be his first assignment as a member of a ships senior staff.

He served through the Cardassian Border Wars and in 2368 he was promoted to Lt Commander and assigned as the Chief of Security and Tactical, on a Galaxy-class ship this was a major job and one that required full-time attention, as Starfleet began gearing up for a possible Borg Assault, there was another first contact made with a major power in the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion and this lead Stephen Caldwell to learn and then implement new tactics in his training.

In 2371, he was promoted to Commander and almost forced to switch over to the Command track as he became Second Officer on the USS Harry Truman, this was where he met then Lieutenant Kathryn Land who was one of the ships medical officers. While the ship was engaged with a small force of Maquis Raiders, he was stuck with her in a turbolift for several hours and the two became close friends.

Caldwell spent the next eighteen months watching the situation with the Klingons deteriorate and then the Cardassian joining the Dominion, once this happened, Caldwell realized that war was coming and soon he would be on the front lines, it was now just a matter of time but before the Federation was forced to leave DS9, he was promoted to Captain and assigned to command the USS Daedalus at the beginning of the Dominion War, Lieutenant jg Lang followed him and together they got married in the chaos of the War.

The Daedalus was assigned mostly to convoy duty but she participated in many of the battles that defined the Dominion War but somehow the ship always seemed to get lucky and come back intact where hundreds of other ships were either destroyed or severely damaged during the war's many battles. He also earned a handful of commendations, two medals and a dozen battle ribbons over the course of the war.

His Luck ran out at the final battle at Cardassia where the USS Daedalus was crippled and her crew was forced to abandon her during the battle which was victorious.

His next assignment was an older Excelsior class ship he knew quite well, the USS Tigers claw which had been on convoy duty the entire war and had only seen a few scraps with the Dominion but she had acquitted herself well, Caldwell remained here until the USS Tigers Claw was finally decommissioned and put out to rest in late 2379 and because of the Shinzon Incident which saw the USS Enterprise-E along with two Romulan Warbirds deal with the mad Praetor Shinzon, both warbirds had been severely mauled while the Enterprise had been crippled, Shinzon was finally stopped at the cost of Commander Data's life.

His next posting was the USS Dauntless until she was damaged in a skirmish with several Reman vessels, a Romulan Warbird came to his aid but by then the Remans had crippled the Galaxy and among the ships hundred or so casualties was his wife, now Commander Kathryn Caldwell, this loss was devastating and he wanted a change from a starship so he requested a posting on a grown assignment, so he was reassigned to Starfleet Academy so he could teach, after two years this became boring so he requested a transfer back out into space, the USS Apollo was available and needed to be shaken down as she was just commissioned. His assignment to the USS Apollo was only so he could test and shake her down but not be her permanent skipper.

He was on the Apollo for the better part of a year when he was replaced by Captain Franklin Armstrong. After this he went back to the academy to teach, he remained here at the Academy for the next several years. It was here that he met the woman who would become his second wife. Captain Tara Cook who was already an old friend of his.

When Caldwell was ready, he stuck his name in for a command and he was given one, the USS Coral Sea before he transferred to the USS Bougainville because smaller ships were more in keeping with his command style which was unusual and his battle tactics, even more so.

In mid-2391, Captain Caldwell was finally told to accept a promotion to Commodore with the introduction of the military creation act. So rather than fight with it, he accepted the rank especially after being told that Commodore and Rear Admiral would be out in the field more rather than behind desks.

Two years later, Caldwell was needed to look after Starfleet security's issues in the Taurus Reach, so he was reassigned. Again he went without protest.
Service Record Decorations:
Cochrane Medal of Excellence
Grankite Order of Tactics - Silver Swords
Commendation of Loyalty
Act of Distinction Commendation
Starfleet Service Award
Academy Bar
Expert Marksmanship
Combat Merit with five clusters
Red Crest
Act of Kindness
Wounds Ribbon with three clusters

Battle Ribbons:
Klingon Cluster
Cardassian Cluster
Borg Cluster
Dominion Cluster
Dominion War Ribbon
Breen Cluster
Battle of Sector 001
Breen Cluster
Battle of Ivor Prime
Battle of Toros III
Battle of Celtris III
Battle of Tyra
Battle of Vulcan I and II
Operation: Return
Battle of Benzar
Battle of Chudala
Battle of The Bolian Front
Battle of Chin'toka
Liberation of Benzar
Battle of Earth
Liberation of Betazed
Battle of Getha
Battle of Cardassia
Cardassian Occupation Ribbon
Battle of Tezwa Ribbon

Starfleet Record
Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2354 - 2358 - Security and Tactical Cadet
Cadet One / Four

USS Nelson - Excelsior Class
2358 to 2360 - Security / Tactical Officer

USS Tigers Claw - Excelsior Class
2360 to 2364 - Security / Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

USS Peerless - Ambassador Class
2364 to 2368 - Chief Security / Tactical Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

USS George Washington - Excelsior Class
2368 to 2371 - Chief Security / Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Harry Truman - Excelsior Class
2371 to 2373 - Second Officer

USS Daedalus - Akira Class
2373 to 2373 - Executive Officer

USS Daedalus - Akira Class
2373 to 2376 - Commanding Officer
Commander / Captain

USS Tigers Claw - Excelsior Class
2376 to 2379 - Commanding Officer

USS Dauntless - Galaxy Class
2379 to 2381 - Commanding Officer

Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2381 to 2383 - Instructor

USS Apollo - Galaxy Class
2383 to 2384 - Commanding Officer

Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2384 to 2387 - Instructor

USS Henderson Field - Nebula Class
2387 to 2392 - Commanding Officer

USS Bougainville - Roanoke Class
2392 to 2393 - Commanding Officer, Division Five
Commodore / Division Admiral

Starbase Vanguard - Ournal III Class
2393 to Present - Chief of Security for the Taurus Reach
Division Admiral

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2354 - 2358 - Cadet One / Four
2358 to 2360 - Ensign
2360 to 2362 - Lieutenant JG
2362 to 2366 - Lieutenant
2366 to 2371 - Lt Commander
2371 to 2376 - Commander
2376 to 2387 - Captain
2387 to 2392 - Commodore
2392 to Present - Division Admiral