Rear Admiral Carl "Thunderhead" Patterson

Name Carl "Thunderhead" Patterson

Position Executive Officer - 92nd Fleet

Second Position Group Commanding Officer

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Colonist
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 196lbs
Hair Color Black with streaks of Gray
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Large and Intimidating.


Spouse Captain Marie Patterson - Commanding Officer, USS Regis
Children Lieutenant Paige Patterson - Chief Operations Officer, USS Shieldstorm
Lieutenant JG Larkin Patterson - Chief Conn Officer, USS Aegis Fate
Lieutenant JG Frederick Patterson - Chief Engineer, USS All Under Heaven
Father James Patterson - Civilian
Mother Leah Patterson - Civilian
Brother(s) Master Warrant Officer Michael Patterson - Engineering, Beta Antares Fleet Yards
Sister(s) Fiona Patterson - Civilian
Other Family A few others.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Carl Patterson is dependable, rugged and loyal to the post of Commander in Chief of Starfleet rather then to any one person. He is relatively simple in his dealings compared to some admirals, he's honest and honorable to a fault and won't hide behind the rank the way that some do.

This was why Jake Yamaguchi selected him for the posting of Deputy Commander of Independent Fleet Operations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Carl Patterson is laid back and easy to work with, he takes orders well and gives them in equal measure. he also is excellent with timekeeping and can create his own tactics.

Weaknesses: Has issues with people suffering. Especially if he can do something about it.
Ambitions He's happy with the state of his life
Hobbies & Interests This is a guy who will try anything once.

Personal History Carl Patterson was born in 2345, he was the middle child with his brother being older and his sister being youngest, all of them plus their parents lived happily on Cor Caroli III, his childhood was a good and happy one even if he had to deal with the novelty of having two suns in the sky.

Sunsets and Sunrises were always interesting but he was always a little more interested in being able to handle anything that came his way, he grew up looking after his siblings as this was still a rough world which could be dangerous for the uneducated and the uninitiated.

Patterson ended up joining the Starfleet Marines as an officer, his grades were good enough and he was extremely physically fit.

He was sent to the Marine base on Cor Caroli V, the fifth planet in his home system where it was much cooler and the days were three times as long as they were on his homeworld but he adjusted quickly.

Patterson wasn’t a star recruit at basic, but did pick up most things with ease; phaser rifles, phasers, tunning, climbing, EVA and zero-G movement came naturally to him. He had no real trouble learning starships operations such as; communications, LCARS operation, and scanners as he’d already served on a starship for a year prior to joining Starfleet. Out of all the classes it was Starfleet Hand to Hand combat where he really shined.

Following completion of basic training he was sent to Starfleet Security School for six weeks to undergo department specialization training. Security School wasn’t too difficult, ca few courses on rules and regulations, more Hand to Hand combat classes, instruction on driving the Argo Buggy and the use of its Type-IV Phaser Canon. Completing these he was sent to the Marine Academy on Vega Colony as Cor Caroli didn't have one.

So off he went and while he did well at the Marine Corps Academy, he learned a great deal in regards to how each planet was different, Vega was wetter and hotter then he was used to but he adjusted quickly.

Once he graduated in 2366 he was posted to the USS Kyushu, it was here that he met a man in the Corps that he greatly respected, one Sergent Jeffery Duval, while the two men got along well with Patterson listening to what Duval had to tell and teach him, both men were present at the massacre in the Wolf System of an entire Federation fleet at the hands of what seemed to be a truly unstoppable threat, the Borg.

He watched many of his brothers and sisters were killed or worse, assimilated by the Borg and many Federation ships fell, the Kyushu herself, the Tolstoy, the Melbourne and the Goodson among many others, he knew he had a new enemy he most deal with and he could only watch and hope as the Enterprise came through the system but she couldn't stop to pick up survivors as she didn't have the time so when Patterson heard the word that the Enterprise had succeeded in destroying the cube, he celebrated along with many billions of others who's lives had been spared.

The cost of that victory was sobering as he realized that he had lost everything but his life, it was here he met then Ensign Marie Henderson, she was a doctor as she worked to save the lives of the sick and the dying during the aftermath of the Battle of Wolf 359

Patterson was not wounded and thus he decided to spend his time, assisting her and the other medics, doing what they needed him to do and the like, with a quiet patience instead of being demanding.

Patterson knew how to keep his mouth closed and not ask too many questions, this stood him in good stead now as he helped to save a great many lives that ordinarily would have been lost.

Marie Henderson who had originally been dismissive of this Marine found there was more to him then met the eye so she began to spend time with him and around him, she came to find that this was not an act but that Patterson did indeed seem to be a soft touch.

Before she knew it, the two of them were dating and were in a serious relationship as she followed him to the Undaunted and then across to the USS Courageous, where she and Patterson were married two weeks after their arrival, their children came along in the years before the Dominion War but they were sent off to live with his family as she had no family left to speak of. All three of them had been born by 2369

Patterson ended up commanding the Courageous on more then one occasion as Jake Yamaguchi was the second officer, during the battle of Coridan, Jake found himself in command with Patterson as his Exec, the Marine did really well in the post so Jake stuck in a request for Patterson to become his Exec.

Patterson was required to leave the Marines and transfer into Starfleet, so he would wear command red instead of Marine green but he did so without complaint.

Adapting to life as a member of Starfleet was relatively easy for Patterson as he and Jake needed to rebuild the roster for the USS Courageous. Two weeks later Jake was offered her permanent command and he accepted, Patterson was also offered permanent Exec of the Courageous, this was what would lead him down the path to today in 2391.

He remained aboard the Courageous, raising his children and remaining as Jake Yamaguchi's Exec until mid 2377 before he was offered a command of his own, after discussing it at length with Jake, Patterson decided to accept as Jake refused to hold his friend and comrade back from anything. The two families were and still are very close even to this day.

Patterson went off to his own command, the newly build USS Grafton and he commanded her for the better part of three years before he was offered a new Galaxy class starship, one of the newest with all of the bells and whistles from research and development, the USS Indomitable was meant to be something of an experiment and while she passed Patterson's recommendations with flying colors.

She also became his home for the better part of five years before he was promoted to become a flag officer in command of the Taurus Reach, something the Federation hadn't pushed into in almost a century, this angered the Tholians but Starfleet's relations with the Tholians were never good anyway.

Patterson matured into a cool headed and calm Admiral, not a hothead like Jelicoe of an controlling simpering bitch like Nechayev but he was able to make rational decisions in the heat of the moment and he earned the respect of his people as he looked after them, he also respected them.

Patterson remained at the starbase for another five years before he was requested by Jake Yamaguchi to take over as Exec of Independent Fleet Operations. Patterson wasn't sure if he was flattered or insulted so Jake told him simply that he wanted someone he could rely on to watch over IFO with him and he wanted someone he knew and trusted. Patterson was his only real choice as there were a few others but none had the time in Starfleet and none had the rank either.

Patterson chose to move his flag over to the ship his wife now commanded, the USS Leviathan and it would be here where he would make his home, beside her.

During the Starfleet Military Reorganization Act of 2391, his rank was moved from Rear Admiral to Division Admiral. It was not a demotion as it was simply an adjustment, later however he was promoted back to Rear Admiral.
Service Record Starfleet Marine OCS - Cor Caroli V, COR CAROLI
March 2362 to May 2362 - Marine Student

Starfleet Marine Academy - Vega, ALPHA LYRAE
2362 to 2366 - Marine Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Kyushu - New Orleans Class
2366 to 2367 - Marine Officer
2nd Lieutenant

USS Undaunted - Excelsior Class
2367 to 2370 - Marine Officer
2nd Lieutenant / 1st Lieutenant / Captain

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
2370 to 2374 - Marine Officer
Captain / Major

Switched from Marine to Starfleet

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
2374 to 2377 - Executive Officer
Lt Commander / Commander

USS Grafton - Akira Class
2377 to 2380 - Commanding Officer

USS Indomitable - Galaxy Class
2380 to 2385 - Commanding Officer
Captain / Commodore

Starbase 47 Vanguard - Ournal I Class
2385 to 2390 - Flag Officer for the Taurus Reach
Commodore / Rear Admiral

USS Leviathan - Guardian Class - FLAG
2390 to 2392 - Executive Officer of Independent Fleet Operations
Rear Admiral / Division Admiral / Rear Admiral

USS Valhalla - Valhalla Class
Executive Officer for 92nd Fleet
Commanding Officer - 92nd Fleet - Group Eight
Rear Admiral

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2362 to 2366 - Cadet One - Four
2366 to 2367 - 2nd Lieutenant
2367 to 2370 - 1st Lieutenant
2370 to 2374 - Captain
2374 to 2374 - Major
Switched from Marine to Starfleet
2374 to 2375 - Lt Commander
2375 to 2377 - Commander
2377 to 2383 - Captain
2383 to 2387 - Commodore
2387 to 2391 - Rear Admiral
Military Reorganization Act goes into effect.
2391 to 2391 - Division Admiral
2391 to Present - Rear Admiral