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Lieutenant Commander Miratu Stark

Name Miratu Stark

Position Chief Tactical Actions Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Physical Description Miratu Stark is an Orion, as such she is extremely good looking but she can be somewhat cold and aloof at times with people she does not know. Also its worth noting that she doesn't mind the cold.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Rob Stark - Adopted
Mother Talisa Stark - Adopted
Brother(s) Rickon Stark
Edward Stark
Robb Stark
Lei Shen - Adopted kin
Sister(s) Sansa Stark
Arya Stark
Other Family Several others scattered around.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Miratu Stark is a simple-minded woman, she tends to keep to herself most of the time and does not partake in recreational sex.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She is a monument to the art of war. She has a 6th-degree black belt in various martial arts.

Weaknesses: she can be a little too quiet.
Ambitions To CRUSH the ENEMY!. To see them Tremble before her and to hear the lamentation of the women.
Hobbies & Interests Weapons, Guns, Martial arts. Shakespeare and other Cultured works.

Personal History Miratu's story begins in fire, blood and snow as her family warred with another family for control over a large chunk of land. The child that would become Miratu Stark was born in mid 2356 on a smaller Orion colony.

The fighting was originally in the political area but spilled into fighting one night when someone from one of the two families decided to burn out the other family.

Needless to say. Miratu's family lost the argument and her family was more or less wiped out with Miratu ending up being recovered by a Starfleet Ensign who was on leave with his young wife from the remnants of a cornfield, the small child was half frozen and almost lifeless.

When Rob Stark brought the child in, he was told bluntly that the infant was his to so with as he wished and the authorities did not care to look into the matter. So while Rob was unimpressed with the matter, he decided to look into it himself and what he found was astonishing. Everything her family had left was to her and he had to go through weeks of checks and background checks to ensure that his paperwork was in order.

The bank finally transferred the funds to him as she was legally declared 'dead.'.

Stark decided to keep her and raise the small child himself, as the years passed, she was raised alongside his other children but her green skin and red eyes made her stand out, even among her siblings. They had questions and so did she but Stark ensured that all of his children were loved and raised equally.

Gaila Bolton became Miratu Stark. Her childhood after she went to the Starks was a happy one but rather then go into starfleet, she instead went off to Alpha Centauri to study philosophy.

She emerged from her classes a year later as a highly learned and cultured woman but she wanted to go into Starfleet, all the while she was enrolling in self defense classes.

Miratu went into Starfleet via way of an ROTC program rather then join the academy, also she had never set foot on Earth as her family adopted and otherwise was not from Earth, they and she would call 'Deneva' home.

Miratu would spend a great deal of time at the Highland Monastery learning the sciences that Lei Shen would teach, she became one of his most valued students, however something within her made her go further and turn her body itself into a living weapon in various martial sciences and disciplines, quickly learning the wisdom and strength needed, she quickly climbed the ladder of the rankings until she attained her present rank of sixth black belt.

Shen saw her issues and he impressed upon her the need for calm and rationality rather then rage and brute force. His teachings would only reinforce what her parents and siblings had already taught her, helping her cast off the last shackles of her own fear so she could move on with life.

She would go on to serve on two Starbases and several ships from Galaxy class and Sovereign class down to Intrepid class, even though she had been assigned to the USS Defiant several times during her stint on Deep Space Nine.

She has experience in command but decided that it wasn't for her, she came this revelation after a year of serving aboard USS Nobleman when she found it a little too much for her to deal with, it did not help maters that her commanding officer was a Tellerite who argued and fought with her every step of the way.

Her experience assisted in getting her the assignment as Chief Tactical officer on the USS Alaska, an assignment she plans on enjoying one way... or another.
Service Record Starfleet Boot Camp: Deneva - KAPPA FORNACUS
August 2373 to December 2373 - Tactical and Security Student
Cadet Recruit

Starbase 375 - Regula III Class
2373 to 2375 - Tactical and Security Enlisted
Crewman Recruit / Crewman

Starbase Deep Space Nine - Refitted Nor Class
2375 to 2378 - Tactical and Security Enlisted
Petty Officer 3rd Class / Petty Officer 2nd Class

USS Ramillies - McCoy Class
2378 to 2381 - Tactical and Security Enlisted
Petty Officer 1st Class / Chief Petty Officer

Officer Candidate School - Alpha Centauri IV - ALPHA CENTAURI
2381 to 2382 - Student
Chief Petty Officer / Lieutenant JG

USS Chicago - Galaxy Class
2382 to 2386 - Tactical and Security Officer
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

USS F Scott Fitzgerald - Galaxy Class Dreadnought
2386 to 2387 - Chief Tactical Officer

USS Nobleman - Intrepid Class
2378 to 2388 - Executive Officer
Lt Commander

USS Unbalanced Fury - Pathfinder II Class
2388 to 2392 - Chief Tactical Officer
Lt Commander

USS Alaska - Discovery Class
2392 to Present - Chief Tactical Officer
Lt Commander