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Major Pete "Aceman" Shaw

Name Pete "Aceman" Shaw

Position 1/33 Squadron Commander

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran/Betazoid
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 167lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Pete is the average Marine pilot, he doesn't stand out in any way


Spouse Chief Petty Officer Jenne Shaw - Medical Officer - Starbase 47
Children Pete Shaw Junior
Melanie Shaw
Father David Shaw - Human - Pilot - Earth Solar System run
Mother Mother: Kristen Mendoza Shaw - Doctor - Mars Colony
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Ashley Shaw - Human/Betazoid - KIA - 2383
Other Family A couple of others floating around

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pete is your common type marine, one hell of a hard ass. He expects everyone to do their job and not to question an order. He also expects his wing men to stay on his wing no matter what kind of hell they are going through.

That, of course, is only the shell of Peter Shaw. Pete is also a man that loves a good joke and has been knowing to play a few in his life. He can be thoughtful and sympathetic unless that person has done something really stupid, then the hard ass in him comes out. He loves to be around other people and to hang in the crew lounges. He is somebody that you can trust with your life, and he will never let you down. He is the type to throw himself in front of a bullet to save his commanding officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Pete has the ability to have the idea of what an enemy pilot is going to do, due to his Betazoid heritage. This has helped him a great deal in becoming an "Ace".

Weaknesses: He relies upon his betazoid skills far too much, he also uses them for his own gain which has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.

He also expects his wingmen to stay on his wing no matter what kind of hell they are going through. This has gotten more than a few of his people killed, though he doesn't accept responsibility for their losses.
Ambitions To become Commandant of the Corps someday. Failing that then to be a good dad to his kids.
Hobbies & Interests Languages: Federation Standard, Klingon, Trill, most Telepathic Languages

Hobbies and Interests: Flying, Playing Cards, Playing American Soccer and Hockey, working out, kick boxing, swimming.

Personal History Pete joined the marines to become a fighter pilot, and that he did. He quickly showed that he had an eye to flying. He was top of his class till his last year where he made a small mistake on his final pilots test and was docked two points. This was enough for Joan Richards to win the top of the class award.

However when Pete was given a chance to attend Top Gun, he did. When he got there he found his old rival there, Joan. The two flew two missions together while at Top Gun, but Pete did not make the same mistake twice.

He won the Top Gun trophy and Joan took second. Pete later found out that Joan had died when Starfleet lost the Chin'toka system. At the time Pete was helping on a different front with his wing.

After graduation from the Marine Academy Pete was assigned on the USS Carl Young near the Federation/Klingon border. During the Klingon War the USS Carl Young was destroyed in action.

After the Carl Young and Top Gun, Pete was assigned to the 112th Fighter Wing stationed aboard the USS Stingray. This is where Pete received his new Callsign, Aceman, for his way of never missing a kill once he locked on. This came in handy during the Dominion War, mopping up Jem'Hadar fighters and scouts.

In 2373 Pete was promoted to First Lieutenant and given command of the 12th Fighter Squadron in the 112th Fighter Wing. Here he led his Squadron into many battle and always came out victories. Throughout his time as the Commander of the 12th Fighter Squadron he only lost two wing men. Both got destroyed due to pilot mistakes.

In 2375 the USS Stingray was destroyed and Pete was then given command of the 112th Fighter Wing and promoted to the rank of Marine Captain. He led the wing into the final actions of the War.

In 2376 Pete stepped down from Wing Commander and took the position as an instructor at Top Gun, wanting to be able to make sure that Pilots come out prepared to fight and fly. He kept this position till 2379 where he took the position of a Ranger Pilot aboard the USS Miranda-B after completing the Ranger Training a year before.

In 2378, during his Ranger Training, Pete punched out the training officer for reasons still not fully known. What is known is that the Training officer set up a mission simulation where the team was going to infiltrate a Jem'Hadar base. Pete had to get the team in and out. What was not told by the training instructor was that there was no safeties during the simulation and one of the younger Ranger trainees was killed from falling rocks, caused by the engines from the drop ship Pete was piloting. It stated in black and white "that all safeties must
be on during mission simulations". Pete's record was cleared of this and the training instructor removed. To this day only Pete knows why he did what he did.

After his tour on the Miranda Pete was given a chance to head up a new covert ops team headed by Starfleet Intelligence Counter Terrorist Section. All was going well till 2382 when a mission went horribly wrong and half of Pete's team was killed or wounded in action. He immediately returned to earth and marched right up to his section head's office and punched him. Pete then proceeded to blame him for the missions' failure.

It was found out later that there was a leak within SFCTU, but this was not know till after Pete had done this. He spent 30 days in the brig, and had to make a formal apology to the Admiral. He also had a formal reprimand put on his record and he was reduced in rank.

After the 30 days he was given a chance to return to duty aboard the USS Miranda as Battalion Officer and flight specialist. Pete quickly agreed and returned to duty shortly before Federation Day in 2382. On Federation day he helped to deal with a potental disaster in the making by towing a damaged freighter carrying a massive warhead aboard away from the terran system where it detonated, he barley escaped with his life.

Shortly thereafter he started to date Jenna De'Dro. The kids she takes care of even temporarily took resident at Pete's family house on Earth.

In 2383. Pete lost his younger sister in combat over Ven'jaggaa II. At the time Pete was down on the planet helping to keep it free from a Romulan assault force. Though through her actions she helped save the planet.

Pete was not able to attend the funeral service as the Miranda got tossed into another situation that needed his attention almost immediately. There is a tombstone with her name on it at the cemetery in his parents hometown.

In early 2384 Pete along with many of the Marines stationed on the Miranda were transferred to the USS Galaxy. He married his long time girlfriend Jenne De'Dro and she took his last name as his own. This started a change

in the young pilot who realized that he wasn't in it anymore for himself but rather for a family now and so he had to be more careful in his dealings, considering he had just lost his sister in battle not that long ago and while he still mourned her, he was still able to do his job.

Pete settled into life on the USS Galaxy well enough but he had issues with the new Commanding Officer of the USS Galaxy after Daren Runako M'Kantu was promoted out of the Captain's chair. T'Vara was a rather conservative Vulcan as she was not one for emotional displays on her bridge or anywhere else for that matter.

This rubbed Pete the wrong way as he felt that it was getting in the way of him doing his job so he requested reassignment but had he known what was coming to him over the next several years, he would have stayed put as the conversation between him and Captain T'Vara did not go well, she cited that if he left then he would not be welcome back aboard the USS Galaxy while she was Captain.

He said fine and off he went to the USS Miranda where he found his arch-rival was now in command of her. Captain Davijaan Yeager and Major Pete Shaw had never gotten along as Pete had always held that Yeager was a hothead while Yeager felt that Pete was a politician.

However Yeager's exec knew Pete Shaw better then that so Commander Chris Daniels let Pete aboard as Yeager didn't like it. He told Daniels exactly that too. The two men. Yeager and Shaw clashed several times over the course of Pete's assignment to the Miranda but
it all blew up as Shaw then smacked Yeager one day. Yeager had him arrested for conduct unbecoming and assault rather then simply shove it under the rug the way Elathian Jii or Chris Summers would. Yeager
however did not and rather then push for the maximum punishment. Yeager wanted to see to it that Pete Shaw learned his lesson.

Shaw learned his lesson alright in that he demanded reassignment from Yeager, citing a breakdown in the chain of command and Yeager decided not to fight the Major on his request, simply okayed it and kicked him off of the Miranda.

Worse was to follow after Shaw was reassigned to Starbase 47 in the Taurus Reach, which was under the command of Commodore Carl Patterson who still held the callsign of "Thunderhead". He and Shaw collided like two black holes on their very first day of working together as Patterson did not like Shaw on any level whatsoever. The two kept rubbing the other the wrong way.

After two years of this never ending angst between these two men. Pete Shaw finally fed up with it all, requested reassignment and he was sent to the Flight Range on Luna as an Instructor for basic flight rather then going to TOP GUN. Rather then fight it, he simply made the best of a bad assignment and this continued until Colonel Nye requested Pete Shaw come aboard as his Wing Exec because he didn't trust or like his present Wing CO. A Russian character named Sergeyev.

Shaw accepted the posting and so off he went.
Service Record Education:
Starfighter Flight School - Titan, SOL
2368 to 2379 - Flight Trainee
Cadet Three / Four

Force Recon School - Fort Denning - WOLF 359
2378 to 2379 - Marine Officer

Service Record:
Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2365 to 2369 - Marine Officer Cadet
Cadet One - Four

USS Carl Young - Akira Class
2369 to 2371 - Gold Squadron / Pilot
2nd Lieutenant / 1st Lieutenant

USS Stingray - Akira Class
2371 to 2373 - Section Leader / 112th Fighter Wing
1st Lieutenant

USS Stingray - Akira Class
2373 to 2375 - 12th Squadron Commander / 112th Fighter Wing

USS Blue Ridge - Akira Class
2375 to 2376 - Wing Commander / 115th Fighter Wing

Starfleet Fighter Weapons School - TOP GUN - Titan, SOL
2376 to 2379 - Instructor

USS Miranda-B - Pathfinder II Class
2379 to 2380 - Flight Specialist - Ranger Six / Ranger Acting XO / Ranger Nine / Flight Specialist / Hazard Nine

USS Miranda-B - Pathfinder II Class
2380 to 2382 - Hazard Team XO / Hazard Six

USS Miranda-B - Pathfinder II Class
2382 to 2383 - Hazard Team XO / Hazard Six

USS Miranda-B - Pathfinder II Class
2382 to 2383 - 101st Marine Battalion, Hopper Pilot

USS Miranda-B - Pathfinder II Class
2382 to 2383 - 101st Marine Battalion XO

USS Galaxy - Galaxy Class
2383 to 2384 - 110th Marine Battalion XO / 110th Marine Battalion CO
Major / Lt Colonel

USS Miranda-B - Pathfinder II Class
2384 to 2387 - 101st Marine Battalion CO / 101st Marine Battalion XO
Lt Colonel / Major

Starbase 47 Vanguard - Ournal I Class
2387 to 2389 - 63rd Marine Battalion XO / Operations Officer
Major / Captain

Starfleet Basic Flight School - Luna, SOL
2389 to 2391 - Instructor

USS Argonne - Wasp Class
2391 to Present - Wing Executive Officer
Captain / Flight Captain

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2365 to 2369 - Cadet One - Four
2369 to 2371 - 2nd Lieutenant
2371 to 2373 - 1st Lieutenant
2373 to 2380 - Captain
2380 to 2382 - Major
2382 to 2383 - Captain
2382 to 2384 - Major
2384 to 2387 - Lt Colonel
2387 to 2389 - Major
2389 to 2391 - Captain / Flight Captain