Captain Nicolas Valentine

Name Nicolas Valentine

Position Chief Intelligence Officer - 92nd Fleet

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 220lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Very Athletic looking with some muscle


Spouse Classified at Officer Request
Children Classified at Officer Request
Father Classified at Officer Request
Mother Classified at Officer Request
Brother(s) Classified at Officer Request
Sister(s) Classified at Officer Request
Other Family Classified at Officer Request

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nick Valentine is an open and caring person with a good sense of humor.
Though he takes his duties very seriously he jokes about them and about anything to create levity for the tension that comes with the territory in which he works.

The only thing Nick is closed about is his past, and if pushed he can become angry and bitter.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He's very detail oriented and pragmatic

Weaknesses: He will not talk about his past, also he has some PTSD issues as well as an anger management problem
Ambitions He has none.
Hobbies & Interests Skills: Use of Sniper rifles and tactics involved in sniping, Camouflage, Survival in wilderness, jungle and desert conditions, Small and Large Weapons, ship-based weapon systems, melee weapons, mixed unit tactics, surveillance, covert operations, stealth movements and action

Languages: Federation Standard, French, Italian, Japanese, Klingonese, Romulan, Ferenginar, Cardassian

Personal History Nicholas Valentine was born in 2349, when he was young Valentine was not the most popular kid.
His first assignment was a difficult one. For nearly everyone the Dominion war ended in 2375 when the Dominion surrendered and a treaty was made between the Founders and the Federation.
For Valentine, however, this was not the case. Several high ranking officers of the Dominion and Breen forces did not wish to surrender and went into hiding to attempt to re-gather their strength to make another strike.

Valentine was assigned to the USS Nomad, a White Sands class starship whose mission was to seek out the remaining members of Dominion commander structure and eliminate them.
Because the war was 'over' the Nomad's mission was a covert one and often times came down to sneak attacks and covert assassinations rather then direct conflict.
In all assassinations Valentine was the man behind the scope.

Following his time on the Nomad. Valentine moved directly to the Bickerton, a ship whose mission was similar to that of the Nomad, moving behind the scenes to keep small squabbles from becoming large fights.
Valentine found his early career draining and damaging to his soul, feeling that he only existed as the black shadow at the back of the room, only acting when something terrible had to be done.

Beyond his dark actions came the fact that even to his family he was a ghost, keeping secrets from them and disappearing for months at a time with no word about when he would return or if he was safe.

With his assignment to Starbase 12. Nick is trying to put his past behind him. He wants this to be a kind of rebirth, an opportunity for him to serve both the Federation and all life in a way that does not involve killing which has gotten its claws quite deeply into his personality.
Service Record Education:
Early education was done in public schools, following that he enrolled in several private schools and training programs.

Service Record:

Starfleet Academy - Earth, SOL
2371 to 2375 - Security Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Nomad - White Sands Class
2375 to 2376 - Intelligence Officer

USS Bickerton - White Sands Class
2376 to 2378 - Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade

USS Arieth - White Sands Class
2378 to 2380 - Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade

USS Veronica - White Sands Class
2380 to 2382 - Intelligence Officer

USS Straub - White Sands Class
2382 to 2385 - Intelligence Officer

USS Arlette - White Sands Class
2385 to 2386 - Intelligence Chief
Lieutenant Commander

USS Cleveland - Sovereign Class
2386 to 2388 - Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Lieutenant Commander

Starbase 12 - Ournal II Class
2388 to Present Day - Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Lt Commander / Commander

USS Valhalla - Valhalla Class
2393 to Present - Chief Intelligence Officer for 92nd Fleet

Dates of Promotions and Demotions:
2371 to 2375 - Cadet One - Four
2375 to 2376 - Ensign
2376 2380 - Lieutenant Junior Grade
2380 to 2385 - Lieutenant
2385 to 2390 - Lt Commander
2390 to Present - Commander