Ki'Skye Taavaro

Name Ki'Skye Taavaro

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ferasian (Snow Leopard)
Age 12

Physical Appearance

Height 124 cm - 4'1"
Weight 35 kg, 77 lbs
Hair Color Grey with flecks of silver
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ki'Skye is a small and rather malnourished Ferasian, due to having spent the first 12 years of her life in a Ferasian farm camp. She is a snow leopard type Ferasian with long fluffy fur and a long tail. Typical of Ferasians, especially snow leopard types she is rather averse to clothing.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown Biolgical, Ktharra Talon (Adopted)
Mother Unknown Biological, Moni Nasao (Adopted)
Brother(s) Tadita
Sister(s) Cheyenne
Other Family Leadfoot and Moni Nasao's other kin.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ki'Skye is generally an active girl, having been raised as a farmer, so she is used to hard work already. She is relatively soft-spoken and quiet and generally mentally stable for a child since she was never abused directly by the Klingons. However she is a bit restless, and she is currently unable to read or write, though she does speak and older caitian language instead of a creole of Klingon and caitian. She is also generally kind and loving, but not very outgoing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She is excellent with children, she's also a hard worker and is used to working long hours.

Weaknesses: She is not a social butterfly.
Ambitions To figure out what she wants from life now that she and her siblings are free of the Klingons and reunited together.
Hobbies & Interests She wants to get to know Moni Nasao and Ktharra Taavaro.

Personal History Ki'Skye is one of four born to a Ferasian slave family. Their father was one of the numerous breeders used by the Klingons and their mother died in childbirth, largely due to malnutrition. So the four kits were initially raised by the community at large. They were born into a Ferasian farming community. The Klingons in the community strictly rationed food supplies, however, they didn't directly interact with many of the ferasians, so Ki'Skye and her siblings very rarely even saw a Klingon, let alone interacted with them. Once they were old enough to help out with farm work they where employed, however, due to strict food rationing, malnutrition was a constant problem in the community, particularly due to the poor arability of the land. When it wasn't farming season, Ki'Skye and her siblings were often tasked to take care of the younger orphaned children in the community. When the Akurians evacuated the Ferasians, she and her siblings got separated. Months later she was adopted by Ktharra talon and Moni Nasai, and when they found out about her siblings, they promised to adopt the siblings when they were found as well.